Welcome to Protect America’s #wednesdayQA, where we answer the most common home security questions you have for us. For this Wednesday’s edition, our Facebook marketing manager Adam sat down with our security technicians and got to the bottom of 7 of the questions that are likely to be on your mind if you are looking into home security systems. If you have any additional questions after reading this post, feel free to comment below. (We only ask that the comments abide by our community standards.)

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: Do I need a landline or cellphone to use the Protect America home security system?

A: Old home security systems were all based on landlines. While these security systems worked, they could be compromised if a home invader were to cut the phone lines. While you can still choose to get a low-cost landline home security system, your best bet is to get the new chip based systems. These systems do not require landlines or cell phones to work – they have an internal cell chip in the alarm panel. Not only do these systems operate and perform better than their older counterparts, they are also safer – burglars can’t cut the phone wires to compromise your security.

Q: How much is the install?

A: We don’t charge you for the installation of your Protect America home security system. It’s real simple – your system comes pre-packaged and pre-programmed. We have a solutions engineer guide you through a quick self-install process that takes 45 minutes. All you do is peel and place the wireless sensors.


Q: Can I get a Protect America home security system without paying upfront?

A: Nine times out of ten – yes. Once you speak with one of our security technicians, we can usually get you set up with a plan that lets you receive all your equipment FREE. In this case you would simply play the first month of service.

Q: Do you run a credit check?

A: We do – and we are proud to say we get almost everyone approved. There can be a small connection fee.

Q: What happens if I move?

A: We realize that moving is part of life. We’ve built our home security systems to be mobile. If you do need to move – you take your Protect America home security equipment with you. We just ask that you call and let us know so we can update your address.

Q: If I have Z-Wave devices already can I use them with my Protect America home security system?

A: If you have existing Z-Wave devices, we simply ask that you call our technicians so we can assist in getting your devices working with your Protect America home security system.


Q: Who is Protect America?

A: We began as a small Austin, Texas security provider in 1992. Our self-installed home security business model quickly grew from local to national with hundreds of thousands of homes secured across all 50 states and Canada. Since then, Protect America has continued to protect homes and families in neighborhoods across North America and even expanded to offer cutting-edge home automation and life safety products. Despite dramatic growth and success, we remain true to our humble beginnings and consider every customer a member of our family.