When it comes to technology there is always an inherent dilemma: do you purchase the tech now or do you try to hold off and wait for the newer tech. That is especially true when it comes to home automation and security. Should you protect your house now with whatever is on the market or do you hold off and wait to purchase products coming out in the near future. Although Apple HomeKit has many new things to look for in 2019, waiting isn’t always the best idea when it comes to home security.


Here are a few things took for in 2019 with Apple Homekit and why you might not want to delay getting your home set up.

New: Philips Outdoor Lightstrip

In July 2017, Philips accidently leaked a new product for the Apple Home Kit: a new outdoor lightstrip. The website page accidently appeared on one of Apple’s European websites, but was quickly removed. It lasted long enough for consumers to get the hint: keep your eye out for new lights in 2019 (no exact date has been set, at least as of this writing). These outdoor lights are available in both 7′ and 16′ foot lengths and are weatherproofed.

New: Philips Hue Lights

Not only is there a new wall lamp and table lamp slated to hit the market in late 2018, but you can also keep your eye for hue lights for these lamps. The hue lights, according to Phillips, are not replaceable but they do last for 30,000 hours. That’s a lot of light hours! 

To Ring or Not to Ring: That is the Question

When doorbells were removed from the Apple website, consumers grew worried. Is Apple ditching the doorbell idea? Not necessarily. Rumor has it that Apple HomeKit will have a newer and better doorbell for 2019. It won’t be a standalone doorbell, but rather there is much speculation that the future Apple doorbells will be part of a video and doorbell front door system.

Why Choose Protect America

Although Apple HomeKit has plenty of good changes in store for 2019, Protect America also has plenty of goodies for you right now.  For starters, how does $1400 in free equipment sound? Probably pretty good!


That’s right, when you team up with Protect America, you’ll receive a standard control panel, an entry sensor, motion sensor in your package. You’ll also receive a yard sing as well as window stickers.

Other benefits of choosing Protect America include:

  • Low monthly rate with locked in rates: No one else locks in rates like we do!
  • 24/7 professional monitoring: This means that your home is being still being monitored with our 5x redundant system even if you’re away from your cell phone.
  • No installation fees: In fact, installation can be easily done in less than one hour.
  • No hidden fees ever!
  • We are your Best Buy, and we’ve got the awards to prove it – nine of them to be precise! We’ve are a nine-time winner of the Consumers Digest Best Buy award.
  • Price Match Guarantee: If you find a better deal, we’ll match it. Guaranteed.

What next?

Interested in monitored home security? Get a free quote from Protect America. Call 1-800- 951- 5190 or visit the website today!