Choosing a home security system for your family is a very important decisions for ensuring their safety. If you are considering a home security system from ADT Home Security or AT&T Digital Life, it’s worth comparing the two. Here we will do a head to head Digital Life vs ADT comparison to help you make the right decision.

Did you know that there are more than 9 million property crimes reported in the United States alone each year? Homes without security systems are 300% more likely to become a target of vandals, burglars, and other criminals.

Consider Your Home Security Needs

When searching for a security system, take stock of what you require of a system. Consider the areas you intend to monitor with your security cameras, and whether you require both indoor and outdoor cameras. Do you want to purchase your security system independently, or will you purchase from a security company? If you purchase from a monitoring company, you can get help selecting your equipment and avoid compatibility issues. If you purchase independently, you can get the equipment you want, but you may have trouble with reliable monitoring. How important are contractual agreements to you? Consider these factors prior to making a decision on a new home security company that is right for you. This will help ensure that you are fully satisfied with your security system and monitoring service.

All-in-one security systems: features to consider.

Products from

    AT&T Digital Life Home Security


    While AT&T is one of the largest internet, phone, and cable service providers in the US, it still has major competition on the market when it comes to delivering a home security system. Before settling on whether AT&T Digital Life or ADT Home Security is right for you, consider the following pros of AT&T Digital Life:

    • AT&T Digital Life does not require individuals in need of a home security system to subscribe to any other services they currently offer. But, even if you have no interest in using AT&T for your phone, internet, or cable service, it is still possible to obtain protection from AT&T Digital Life home security solutions.
    • AT&T also provides individuals with the option of building their own home security plan with a la carte items, making the process of customizing your home security system as seamless and simple as possible.


    It is also important to keep the cons of AT&T Digital Life in mind when reviewing your home security options. Some drawbacks of AT&T Digital Life home security include:

    • AT&T Digital Life does require new customers of the service to pay a steep one-time start-up and equipment fee of $549.99, which may be out of the price range for some.
    • AT&T’s Digital Life basic package begins at $39.99, which is more than many competitors on the market.

    AT&T security system options.

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    ADT Home Security


    ADT is one of the oldest home security companies in the US. But, they have worked at maintaining updated technology with wireless functions, enhanced features, and more. Some advantages to keep in mind when considering ADT Home Security for your home include:

    • ADT may provide new customers with a trial of up to six months depending on location and promotions.
    • New customers of ADT Home Security do not have to worry about installation as ADT provides free installation.
    • Wireless technology, touch screens, and home automation solutions are also available. These features make your system easier to use. Additionally, they may allow you to monitor and control your system from anyhere with a smartphone.


    While ADT Home Security is overwhelmingly popular throughout the US, it is not without its faults. Some of the issues that customers have experienced with ADT Home Security include:

    • Long contractual agreements. Extended contractual agreements are not always preferred for individuals who are seeking a simple home security solution. While some companies require as little as 12 months, ADT typically requires a 36 month contract.
    • Unexpected fees and surcharges may also occur with ADT Home Security according to customers, especially after a contractual agreement over.
    • Poor customer service is often noted by customers and individuals who have submitted online reviews of ADT Home Security. Many find it difficult to work with ADT when they have and issue with their current bill or their service.

    Another Option

    Now that you’ve compared Digital Life vs ADT, maybe you’d like to consider another option? Take a look at Protect America. With Protect America, you have the ability to create your own equipment setup or choose from an affordable security package. Monitoring rates are as low as $30 a month. In addition to the low cost of service, Protect America also provides new customers with free equipment worth up to $1400, allowing you to get started with your home security system regardless of your budget. Not only do they offer a wide range of equipment and services, but they are highly rated for customer service.

    Are you looking to improve your home’s security and want to do so with a company you can truly rely on and trust? Contact Protect America to learn more about our current service plans and to find a security system solution that is right for you today.