These days, it’s not hard to find homes for rent in tourist heavy areas thanks to Airbnb and companies like them. Gone are the days where your only option was getting a hotel, but at least with a hotel you know how to get into your room and have help at your disposal. With Airbnb type properties, it’s up to the owner of them home to implement a system to give you access. Usually this system includes a keypad and a secret number. The only problem with that is that a new number has to be programmed into the system manually every so often and sometimes you get the wrong one and can’t get into your rental home.

I don’t know about you, but having to call and wait for someone to come and give you access to your room while you’re just trying to relax on your vacation is defiantly going to get on my nerves. August Home saw this problem and took action to connect their smart locks to the Airbnb API giving vacation home owners the ability to use their features such as automatically generated access codes.


Note that Airbnb did not work directly with August Home on this project and August Home used their existing partnership and their API to create these features. After August announced this new feature Airbnb quickly released this response:

“We didn’t announce this news/product/integration with them, nor did we collaborate with them on this new feature,” said the spokesperson. “While we’ve worked with August in the past, they are unfortunately using our brand to promote their news/new capability without our participation/endorsement/permission.”

Unique Access Codes

If you make a reservation with Airbnb and the property is equipped with an August Home smart lock and keypad then the access number you receive from Airbnb should be automatically generated and give you access during your reservation time. You can also download the August app and gain access. After making a reservation you should receive detailed instructions on how you can enter the home after making you reservation.

This integration greatly reducing the probability that you will be locked out of the property since it is all automatically generated and the applications communicate to the apps themselves, reducing human error.

History of Vacation Smart Locks

This isn’t the first company that August Home has partnered with to provide automated check in features for vacation homes. Last year they announced their partnership with the Airbnb rival HomeAway.

This isn’t the first time for Airbnb either. Back in 2016 they partnered with LockState in their home assist program. Unfortunately, the company released an update that completely bricked some of their locks. About 200 Airbnb homes were affected by this update.

August lock did see a security vulnerability a few years ago where a temporary code would unlock the system after it had expired. However, August Home fixed the issue immediately and there haven’t been any similar vulnerability reports since.

August Smarter Hosting Features

So you might be wondering what other features this Airbnb activated August suite features. Well other than automatic schedule based access with 24/7 self-check-in, you can also see who comes and goes. With the August smart doorbell you can even greet your guests with your smart phone and they will be able to see you, hear you, and even talk to you. If there are any issues for them unlocking the door you can also lock or unlock any of your vacation homes doors remotely. You will also have a log of all the comings and goings of your guests and service people who have accessed your home. The August Doorbell Cam will record each interaction at your door in case you need to replay audio or video. You can also keep track or confirm the number of guest in a party.

Vacation Home Security

If you’re planning on installing a smart lock to help your guest’s access your vacation home, you might consider integrating your smart lock into your home security system. Protect America can connect to your August Lock seamlessly and provides up to $1400 of free equipment up from. That way you know your vacation home has maximum protection from any break-ins. You can get a free quote from Protect America today!