Automated home security refers to a home security system with automation capabilities. Home security automation options are often available from home security companies, like Protect America. Features available with automated home security systems include lighting control, interactive video monitoring, and enhanced home security. The best options for automated home security are from established home security companies.

Automated Home Security Reviews

The best automated home security providers are going to be respected home security companies with established reputations. One such company is Protect America, a pioneer of the self-installed home security system that has been in operation since 1992. Protect America provides an affordable wireless home security option that customers install themselves. In addition to home security, Protect America also offers automation equipment for appliance and lighting control. Protect America is a safe option for automated home security. The company has been awarded a 5-star rating from for five consecutive years.

Self-Installed Automated Home Security

Self-installed automated home security systems help customers save substantial amounts of money. A hard wired automated home security option will include installation and activation fees. These costs can add up to several hundreds of dollars. Self-installed systems are designed to be set up by customers themselves without hassle.

Along with home security, an automated home security system also provides enhanced control of lamps and appliances. Interested customers might want to consider extra security and automation features, like interactive video security cameras and smoke detectors. While hardwired automation service involves a monthly bill, self-installed home automation from Protect America only requires equipment cost. With no extra monthly fee, home automation service is more of an available option for a wider range of consumers.

Best Automated Home Security Companies

When looking for automated home security, the best option is a home security company rather than a cable provider. For a home security company, the emphasis will be on protection and the safety of your home and family. Cable companies typically have security and automation services as secondary features to their Internet and cable offerings. Protect America is a recognized leader in home security that seeks to save customers money. Fill out a lead form on this page or search the Protect America website to learn more about automated home security.