Autumn means different things to different people. For many of us,phenomenal food and delicacies during the Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays come to mind. For children, it means the excitement of dressing up as their favorite monsters, ghosts, superheroes and movie characters as they go door to door collecting candy. For a lot of us adults, though, it means one final round of intense yard work before we trade our rakes and pruners for snow​ blowers and de-icers.

Whether you dread this series of landscaping chores or look forward to the ceremonious end of autumn upkeep, there’s certainly some good that can come from it. These end of season chores provide the perfect opportunity to focus on some of the lesser-noticed aspects of your home security presence. Use these tips from Protect America to make sure you’re checking on the finer points of your security network while you complete your autumn yard work this year.


Many of you probably have an external storage compartment outside of your home that you use to store yard work equipment when it’s out of season. If this shed or storage unit can be accessed from inside your home, then it could be used by a potential home invader to gain access to your residence. Ensure that your storage unit can’t be used against you in this way by securing it to the fullest extent possible. You may want to consider installing our Z-Wave door locks on both the external door and the door that connects your home to the storage space from the inside. This way, any burglar attempting to use this unit as an entryway will have to get through two separate locks in order to gain entrance. Also, you’ll be able to open these locks one of three ways: through a traditional lock, a digital keypad or by using our smart connect application.

Falling foliage

Different people take varying approaches to installing home security cameras. It’s important that you consider their positioning in relation to the changing of the seasons for optimum effectiveness. If you’re hoping to dissuade potential burglars by making your cameras visible, then ensure that where they’re positioned isn’t going to become obscured by snow accumulation once winter arrives. Inversely, if you’re hoping to keep them relatively hidden (for aesthetic purposes or otherwise), then take a moment to consider how their current position will change when all of the leaves fall. While moving your cameras with the changing seasons may seem like a hassle, it’s a small price to pay to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your purchase.

Best burning practices

While many towns have outlawed the practice of burning leaves due to environmental concerns, there are still some places in America where this practice is legal. If you’ve confirmed that this is a lawful practice in your town and you intend to do so, make sure that your yard is well prepared for a safe, controlled burn. Keep plenty of water and a fire extinguisher on hand so that you can put the burn out at a moment’s notice. Also, survey your yard before burning any leaves to ensure that there aren’t any low-hanging branches or other fire hazards present.