We’ve all been there. Crushes are totally uncomfortable – all the angst, stress, not knowing how the other person feels… You’re just a big ball of nervousness, happiness, excitement, pressure and ALL YOU WANT IS ICE CREAM. Well, maybe that last part is just me.

But hold on a second. What if it wasn’t a somebody who had a crush on you? What if it was a something? This is getting weird fast but humor me for a moment.

So this is awkward

… but something does, in fact, have a crush on you. I know, I know – it’s strange hearing this through someone else but we all know it takes some serious guts to come out and say it. Plus, look at you. Intimidating!

Hear me out: think tall, sturdy and well-built. A strong, silent type you can come home to. Now I know you can’t turn that down! Here it is: the kind of crush you’ve been waiting for!


Coming clean

Ok, we didn’t expect your home to actually have feelings for you on that level, but it sort of makes sense, right? Home keeps you warm! It shelters you at night! It’s your rock for gosh sake! Do we expect you to date your home? Alright, maybe that’s a little bit of a stretch. Your home probably doesn’t travel very well and if you were to move?  Talk about heart-breaking. Hearth-breaking? Something like that.

But home does keeps you safe! Not a bad idea to return the favor. Keep in touch with a smartphone on those lonely nights apart and really take advantage of that 24/7 protection. Oh, and did we mention 2 free keychain remotes with every system from now through Valentine’s day 2015?

Way sweeter than chocolate.

Happy Valentine’s Day

From your home and from all of us at Protect America! Whether you’re spending it with someone special or treating yourself, remember that love is in the air for all of us! Even if we’re made of bricks and windows.

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