As a leader in the home security industry, Protect America not only provides alarm systems, but also aims to provide people with educational safety resources to use in their everyday lives.

With students of all ages returning to school in the upcoming weeks, Protect America wants parents to remind their children on the importance to take safety precautions whether they’re in elementary or heading off to college.

Protect America recommends all students to be wary of strangers and be vigil of their surroundings. To protect from burglaries, they recommend students to lock their doors on their home whether it be a dorm, apartment or room. Also, Protect America recommends planning and reviewing their class schedule ahead of time to be familiarized with their campus and class locations.

While back to school safety tips may vary from kids in elementary to students away from home at college, Protect America wants all parents and students to remember to stay safe.

Protect America has a wide variety of safety and security resources such as their home security blog called The Home Security Blanket. Through their blog and social media channels, Protect America utilizes these resources to share their expert views to discuss important topics such as back to school safety.

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