It goes without saying, but burglaries are all too common and you need to be prepared. There are roughly 2.5 million burglaries a year, one every 13 seconds, with 66% being home break-ins. In 2015, there was $14.3 million in reported property crime. Unfortunately, police only solved 13% of reported burglary cases due to lack of witnesses or physical evidence.


These numbers aren’t meant to scare you, per se, but to help you understand the significance of home security. Knowing what areas of your home to protect can be a determining factor as to whether a break-in will or won’t occur. Statistically, the front door is the most common place for a break-in to occur simply because it is the main entrance. For that reason it is important to keep your door locked. If you live on a busy street, the open exposure will likely deter someone from kicking in a locked door. It’s a good idea to keep large plants and trees clear of your front door just in case. This leaves the back of the house as an easy and secluded point of entry. While your faithful family dog is a good deterrent, there are other factors to consider.

Install Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lighting can be the simplest and most effective solution for securing your backyard. When motion is detected, the lights will stay on for roughly 20 seconds, depending on the timer you set, and automatically shut off if no more motion is detected. Sensor lights are generally inexpensive and easy to install—some are even solar-powered. By just shining a light on any potential crime, literally and figuratively, sensor lights can be an excellent tool for deterring burglars. In the heat of the moment, a burglar can’t be certain that light isn’t coming from a human source, such as someone manually flipping a light switch after hearing noise.

Install a High Fence

While any fence is better than no fence, a fence that is harder to climb is much better for protecting your yard. Unless you use some sort of barbed wire or booby traps, any fence can be climbed over by a fit individual. Also, installing a lock on the gate is very important because 4% of all burglaries actually occurred from unlocked entrances, which is sadly the easiest step in prevention. A latch that automatically locks when it closes is recommended for the forgetful homeowner.


Install an Alarm System

A high fence and sensor lights are very practical additions to a backyard for better security, but nothing will prevent a potential burglary from occurring better than a monitored alarm system. Just like a security camera near the front door, the back door is a great place to put a security camera. Don’t be afraid to let its presence be known, either. The best way to not be a victim of a burglary is deterring the burglar prior to their attempt. If a burglar sees a camera mounted high above the back door, or a sign alerting them of a camera, they will likely not even try to enter the home. By the time they see the camera, they’ve already been caught on video. In fact, the UNC Charlotte School of Criminal Justice found that 60% of convicted burglars would look for security cameras before moving forward, and 40% of burglars said that the presence of security cameras would motivate them to seek an easier target.

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