More than 66% of the 2.5 million burglaries reported on average annually in the US are home break-ins or attempts.

With nearly 8 million property crimes reported in the United States in 2016 alone, it is no surprise that Americans have become more interested in protecting their homes and loved ones with security systems than ever. When choosing a home security system and solution that is right for you, it is important to keep a few beneficial tips in mind regarding batteries and security equipment available today. Most batteries in home security systems use 12-volt batteries and may last anywhere from 3-4 years before it has used 80% of all o its power to protect and secure your property. Understanding how home security systems work and what to do when you require a new battery is a way to protect you in a power outage or in any situation where your home security system slows or stops responding altogether.


How to Tell When Your Home Security System Requires New Batteries

While each home alarm system varies in how it functions and alerts owners of potential issues, hazards, and problems, most security control panels have methods in common when it comes time to replace batteries. Some of the signs that it is time to replace your home security system’s batteries include:

  • Beeping: Abnormal, consistent, or odd beeping can often be a telltale sign to replace batteries. Beeping repeatedly and incessantly also help to alert homeowners that it is time to change the batteries inside fo the system before losing access to protection and monitoring altogether. As soon as you begin to notice odd beeping coming from your home security system’s access or control panel, take note of the frequency of the beeps, the pitch, as well as whether or not the beeping ceases at any time. If possible, record the beeping to have a better memory when you want to learn more about the sound’s meaning before taking any further action.
  • LED Displays: LED screens on some home security systems and solutions may also display text such as “Low Batt”, “LB”, or “Low Battery” to help individuals quickly determine when it is time for a battery replacement.
  • If you are still unsure of whether or not your home security system or control panel requires a battery replacement, refer to the official user’s manual or guide for more information.

Wired or Wireless? Backups Included?

Whenever you are investing in new home security equipment and devices, it is important to consider whether backup batteries are included with the type of package you are interested in or if you are responsible for replacement and backup batteries yourself. Some home security companies provide backup batteries or additional batteries at little to no cost, depending on the type of installation you have selected and whether your equipment requires standard batteries instead of wireless connections and charging capabilities.

Before choosing a home security system or provider that is optimal for you and your family, determine whether you are required to obtain an active landline in your home before you are eligible for monitoring and security services. Some security companies require customers to utilize a landline, which is directly linked and connected to the actual control panel and security system itself. As technology continues to rapidly expand, newer home security companies are able to connect you with a monitoring service using wireless devices as long as you have a working and active cellular device.


Customer Support

With the right home security company and monitoring service provider, feel at ease anytime you are in need of an additional battery or support related to security backups you require or have already. Home security companies who are willing to provide batteries, additional backups, and walkthrough customer service are necessary in order to maintain trust with customers over time.

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