Protect America Home Security

Protect America has been in the security industry since 1992. Protecting homes and small businesses since the early 90’s, Protect America home security has been one of the top companies in the industry.

Protect America has built a great rapport with its customers and only is getting better with time. Having hundreds of thousands of happy customers not only shows how the company continues to grow, but shows a continued dedication to growing with our customers and transitioning into the future.


Security System Benefits

Protect America offers a free security system when you sign up for the service. Sign up for a 3 year agreement, and receive the equipment from the package you signed up for all for free! You can add extra equipment with your sales rep if the package you end up going with doesn’t have enough devices or the exact piece of equipment you want. All of our systems are considered wireless alarm systems because you do not have wire any of your sensors into your home. The sensors operate off of RF signals to and from the panel.

Security to Fit Your Lifestyle

PA offers 3 different types of monitoring for your security system. Whether you have digital phone through your cable provider, classic land line phone, or no home phone at all we have a security system for you. You can choose Broadband, Land Line, or Cellular monitoring. Ask your security representative which is compatible with what you currently have. A lot of times customers want to get rid of their home phone to save money, so be sure to ask about the Cellular Simon XT System to figure out how exactly it works.

Customer Service

As the customer base steadily grows at Protect America, the staff continues to grow accordingly. Providing some of the best customer service in the industry; over the phone and online, you can call the customer service department to speak with an educated technician about any issues, or if you have any questions.

From the point of sale to the installation process and thereafter, Protect America ensures quality service. Speak to our professional installation technicians to ensure quality alarm system set up and to test it out. They will show you how to use your alarm system and get familiar with it. For continued support you can always call into our customer care department to help you program or purchase additional equipment and to get assistance for any troubleshooting issues.

Customer service is offered online with our chat service for easy assistance, or you can just call in to speak with someone directly. Make sure to leave some feedback for our CEO whether it is negative or positive.

Lifetime Warranty

Protect America offers lifetime warranty on all equipment. Make sure to do your monthly test to make sure everything is working properly and all equipment is located where it originally was. Ensure all your equipment is working up to par. If not, that’s when your Lifetime Warranty kicks in and our service representatives will check the equipment with you to inspect if its not working. They will then send you out a replacement piece of equipment with a pre-paid label to send us the old one back for an even warranty exchange. Protect America wants to make sure your system is always up and running, keeping you secure.

Transferable Equipment

One of the great things about Protect America is that you own the equipment.  Unlike some competitors the system is yours. Your home security equipment is easy to move to a new location if you happen to move. Protect America offers monitoring in every state in the US. You can get a free re-location kit if you are moving.

Insurance Discount

Get a discount on your home owners insurance when you sign up for a security system from Protect America. Your insurance company will ask that you provide a certificate of monitoring which we will send one out to you and or them directly once you sign up.

$250 Burglary Deductable

Protect America offers a $250 dollar deductible for our customers in the event of a break-in. Keep in mind testing your system monthly, and ensuring your system is working properly every month is part of the process. Call in to do a monthly test with your service representative to ensure you’re getting the most out of your alarm system.


Home Security Upgrades and Equipment

Long time customers of Protect America are generally rewarded with special upgraded offers and equipment at a discounted rate. If you have been with PA for a long time, make sure you ask your service representative for any special incentives or offers on upgrading your equipment or new equipment we offer. We want to make sure your home is fully covered, not just partially.

For any additional questions and information please call Customer Service 1-800-951-5111 Option 4*