One of the most important elements in a home security approach is the door lock. The door lock is the first line of defense against people who want to gain entry into your home or business. Selecting the best option for your specific needs can be a challenge. Below are 5 of the best keyless door locks and other options to help keep your property and family protected. Approximately 30% of burglaries occur when a thief enters through a window or an unlocked door. Don’t leave your home or business unprotected. Get the best locks to create an additional layer of security.

An overwhelming majority of convicted burglars say they intentionally avoid homes with security systems. If an alarm sounded, they admitted to fleeing the home immediately.

There are a few different varieties of door locks to choose from:

  • Single and double cylinder locks
  • Keyless entry locks
  • Smart locks


Schlage B660P

If you are searching for a top of the line lock that has a grade 1 ANSI rating and can effectively prevent a criminal from easily gaining access to your home or business, then this might be a perfect choice. It offers simplicity while remaining easy to open and difficult to pick. The internal strike plates are resilient against damage and can make gaining access quite difficult for intruders. It is important to note that this is a single-cylinder deadbolt and that it is compatible with most smart locks.

Schlage B660P


Kwikset 980 Single Cylinder

This lock is an ANSI grade 1, which makes it one of the best on the market. It can stand up to a significant amount of tampering, but also allows you to rekey it yourself. It also features smart-key technology and is easy to lock and unlock. This option gives you both security and simplicity.

August Smart Lock

The August Smart Lock doesn’t rely on a key. It uses virtual keys and keeps a log of every time it locks and unlocks and when it is used. All of this information is available from your mobile phone. It also allows users to unlock the door from their phone regardless of their location.

August Smart Locks

Kwikset SmartCode Z-Wave Touchscreen Deadbolt

One of the reasons this particular door lock is at the top of the list is because it has a variety of options and features. It can also turn on the light in a pre-set pattern when you unlock the door and stores up to 30 different codes. It also relocks after being opened after thirty seconds.

There is a burglary or home invasion in the United States approximately every thirteen seconds

FBI burglary statistics state that there are approximately 3.7 million burglaries every year. One of the main deterrents for criminals is a home security system complete with top quality door locks. For more information about quality door locks that can protect your property and give you the peace of mind you need, call or check out Protect America and discuss the door lock options that best suit your individual needs. They have knowledgeable representatives ready to answer your questions and help you create a better home security plan so you don’t become a target for crime. Protect America is a widely respected home security leader that can provide products and services that fit seamlessly into your budget and lifestyle. Check out the website for contact information, blog posts, or to get a free quote.