Competition is fierce for the title of America’s “Best Home Security Company.” While there are many players in the home security industry, there is only one clear winner: Protect America. Other companies unnecessarily charge customers hundreds of dollars to install a home security system. Protect America waives installation and activation fees while providing customers with a FREE wireless home security system whenever they order a monitoring solution.

Protect America Home Security Information

For the past five years, Protect America has been named the top home security company in America by The same organization has also given Protect America a 5-star rating for each of the last five years. Customers that choose Protect America often save hundreds of dollars compared to other home security companies. Along with wireless home security monitoring, Protect America also offers interactive home security cameras, smoke detectors, and flood gauges.

Founded in 1992, Protect America quickly became one of the nation’s largest home security companies. As a pioneer of wireless home security technology, Protect America has spent the last 20 years perfecting the self-installation model its customers know and trust. Wireless home security systems are not offered by larger companies, like ADT and Stanley Convergent Security Solutions.

ADT Home Security Information

The nation’s largest home security company, ADT has 6.8 million subscribers and annual revenues exceeding $3.6 billion. ADT was founded in 1874 and only offers traditional hardwired security systems. Customers that choose an ADT home security system will be required to have the alarm installed by a professional technician. The installation process with ADT will also require installation and activation fees that can potentially reach into the thousands of dollars. In addition to standard home security systems, ADT provides solutions for businesses and government offices.

Stanley Convergent Security Solutions Home Security Information

Stanley Convergent Security Solutions is the home security wing of tool maker, Black and Decker. One of the largest home and business security companies in the United States, Stanley Convergent Security has a customer base of 500,000 subscribers with annual revenues of $36 million. Though Stanley is the second largest home security company in the United States, it still pales in comparison to ADT.