Home security is no laughing matter, at least not for the victim. But all joking aside, the growth of sensor technology has made the concept of property intrusion a dying art, which is a good thing. Now, criminals are getting more and more worried as to whether or not they should trespass and make an attempt to rob someone in their home or business location, simply because the know the technology available in this day and age, its growing implementation within every property, and the risk they face of getting caught red-handed. It’s a 50/50 chance — or even less than that. Thankfully, many never take the risk, yet some still “accept the challenge”, and that’s when you need to up your game.


Start with a simple tip from Protect America. Find the best spots to place your glass-breaking motion sensors. Here’s a few little areas you can try:

  • Underneath/Behind the Door
  • Between the Window or Door and the Frame Attached
  • Camouflaged

But before getting into that, you may want a little more primer information on a sensor, to begin with. The growing technological advancement behind these is truly astounding, an understatement perhaps. For that, read on, and follow the source link below for further details:

In the broadest definition, a sensor is a device, module, or subsystem whose purpose is to detect events or changes in its environment and send the information to other electronics, frequently a computer processor. A sensor is always used with other electronics, whether as simple as a light or as complex as a computer.

Underneath/Behind the Door

The closer the sensor is to the glass door or window, the likelier it’ll be to detect the shatter in the first place. Makes sense, right? No rocket science logic there!

Between the Window or Door and the Frame Attached

Protect America’s devices, such as the Z-Waves offered, allow for this. Follow the instructions neatly and carefully. You can mount these with ease, and dismount when needed, just as easily.



Have you ever thought of placing the small device somewhere around the floor or bottom of the door, without worrying about wires since it’s fully wireless, and then placing some matching color drapes, rags, or light clothing right above or around it to conceal it in place? This prevents intruders from seeing the gadget, to begin with. They won’t know their actions are being watched — but they are!

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