Home security systems are so important for preventing a break in. The most sought after device in a home security system is the camera. Most systems have multiple cameras to ensure capture any possible angle. While outdoor security cameras are extremely important to capture anyone attempting to get in, what happens if they actually do get in? In this post we will be discussing some of the best place for an indoor home security camera to ensure the ultimate safety.

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    According to the FBI, more than $12 billion in total value was reported stolen from properties across the US in 2015. While outdoor security cameras can help alert you someone might be breaking-in, if they are in the house you want the best picture of the burglar possible. Due to the nature of being outside, an indoor camera is capable of getting much higher resolution pictures. It also helps that the burglar tends to get closer to a well-placed indoor cam compared to the high angles of an outdoor cam. So not only is it important to get the best indoor camera for your needs, but you will also want to place the camera in a good location.


    Front of the house

    Statistically speaking, the front door is the most likely place for a burglar to enter your home. A back door and a first-floor window are the next most likely points of entry. Nearly 81% of burglars enter through the first floor of a home. Knowing that the most likely entry point for a burglar is the front door, place a camera inside that faces the front door is a great idea. While most cameras today are advanced enough to adjust to glares, setting it at an angle for the best possible picture is a good idea. Test it while you slightly adjust its direction to find the perfect placement.

    Due to the likelihood of the burglar entering the home through the front, placing a camera in a window seal is another good idea. You can have the camera facing the front yard to capture anyone approaching the house and it could potentially deter burglars from going through a window. The benefit of placing a camera inside while it faces outside is that it will be less likely to be taken. While unlikely, having a camera mounted outside the home leaves it accessible to be taken.


    Back of the house

    While cameras with a focus range of roughly 45 to 75 degrees should be focused on specific areas like a door, wide angles cams are great for rooms. Cameras with a focus of more than 75 degrees are perfect for capturing the activity in an entire room. For this reason, it is recommended to place one of these cameras in a room that someone has to walk through to get anywhere in the house. Usually a living room or a kitchen are great examples of these types of room. Choose a room that no matter where the burglar decides to enter from, they will have to pass through in order to get anywhere else in the house. This will ensure you capture an image of the burglar no matter what.

    As previously mentioned, the back door is a popular choice for burglars to enter a home. Due to this, having a camera face the back door like the front door suggestions is an obvious choice. Instead, consider a camera placed at eye level in a hallway or narrow room that connects to the back door. This way you are more likely to capture a close-up image of the burglars face as they walk by. The closer you can get the burglar to approach the camera without them knowing, the clearer the image will likely turn out. A more clear image can be the difference between successfully finding the burglar or not.

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