There has never been a better time than now in order to find a home security camera system. Home security systems are more advanced and more affordable than ever, and this means that customers are able to outfit their homes with high-quality components for a low price. Home security has come a long way since the field really took off in the ’80s and now people are beginning to take advantage of it. With so many home alarm companies in operation, it can be hard to narrow down which security camera system is worth the time or investment. Fortunately for our readers, we compiled a list of the top home security camera systems available. Let’s dig into the subject and find out which systems are worth the time and money that they cost.


Top Home Security Camera Systems Of 2018

In 2015, the property crime rate in America was shown to have dramatically decreased in comparison to early evaluations dating back to 2011. While it is always nice to see crime rates trending down, they don’t tell the entire story. Despite the lowering crime rates, nearly 5,800 reported break-ins happen on a daily basis throughout the United States of America. This means that home break-ins are occurring at a rate of nearly one per every 15 seconds! It is easy to understand why so many people are turning toward home security systems in order to protect their property.

Home break-ins and burglaries are trending down, but the massive amount of reported property crimes are still a cause for concern among homeowners. By merely installing a security camera system, homeowners can dramatically improve their protection and decrease their chances of a break-in.

While it is important to protect ourselves from security threats, it is also important to take our time and pick the right security camera system in order to do the job. Here are our favorite security camera systems of 2018:

  • Frontpoint – A lesser known name in the home security field, Frontpoint offers stress-free installation and 24-hour professional monitoring. With a 30-day money back guarantee, this is an easy system for first-timers to try.
  • ADT – The most decorated name in home security, ADT has a range of security system offerings for customers with varying sizes of property. Right now, the ADT Pulse program is incredibly popular thanks to the high-end materials and the low monthly rate. However, a prolonged 3-year contract is required to take advantage of ADT Pulse.
  • Vivint – Sporting a new look and multiple new packages, Vivint has some great options available for homeowners. Vivint prides themselves on their lifetime equipment warranty as well as their intuitive interface.

Which Security Camera System is The Best?

After looking through the top security camera options, we can’t help but point to ADT as our security camera winner. Not only does ADT offer great products, but they are also backed by over 140 years of industry experience. The prolonged contracts aren’t ideal, but they are the cost of doing business with them. With that being said, we do have one more system that is worth checking out.


Protect America Is The Best Home Security Team Around

Ultimately, homeowners are going to want to know that they have the best options for home security protecting their property and the people that they care about. With that frame of mind, it is hard to overlook the steady and capable work that is being done by the team at Protect America. As one of the nation’s top home security providers, Protect America has earned a reputation for being one of the most affordable and effective home security teams around.

What makes Protect America different than the rest of their competition is the simple fact that they offer price matching guarantees on all of their deals to go along with already rock-bottom monthly rates. Starting at just $30, anyone can have 24/7 professional security monitoring installed in their home. Protect America doesn’t charge installation fees and their rates are locked in, meaning that homeowners don’t have to worry about prices jumping around. Protect America also installs up to $1,400 worth of equipment when people sign up for their protection plans. Now is a great time to take advantage of Protect America’s free estimate.