Did you know there is actually more than one type of burglary? That’s right, and just the same, there is more than one type of home security system. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, there are four primary types of burglaries and they are:


  • Completed burglary – A form of burglary in which a person who has no legal right to be present in the structure successfully gains entry to a residence, by use of force, or without force.
  • Forcible entry – A form of completed burglary in which force is used to gain entry to a residence. Some examples include breaking a window or slashing a screen.
  • Unlawful entry without force – A form of completed burglary committed by someone having no legal right to be on the premises, even though no force is used.
  • Attempted forcible entry – A form of burglary in which force is used in an attempt to gain entry.

Here’s the truth of the matter, though. No matter what type of burglary happens at your house, you want to make sure you are protected. More importantly, you want the burglar to know your home is protected because according to studies, 60 percent of burglars will not break into a home if it has a security system. Here’s a close look at some of today’s most popular alarm companies.


Frontpoint is a great option if you are considering a wireless home alarm system. You get the latest technology at a price you can afford. The company leads the way in wireless home security. In addition to door and window sensors, Frontpoint offers a variety of sensors that a majority of companies do not. For example, Frontpoint can help protect your home against smoke, glass, carbon monoxide, and more with alarms that are designed to detect each substance.

A state-of-the-art wireless control panel is what sets this company apart from other providers. When the control panel is signaled due to a breach in the system, it immediately responds by sending a call to the monitoring center via the cellular network. The signal is almost impossible to disrupt due to its encryption, which prevents a burglar from having an opportunity to disarm the system. Frontpoint has tons of features at incredible prices, and the company brings you the most up-to-date technological advancements. 


ADT has a proven record of accomplishment for reliability of equipment and quality of service. For more than a century, the company has helped families and businesses stay safe and secure. The company offers advanced security system options, such as mobile remote control and remote video viewing. Pricing is comparable to other security system dealers and the company has a strong standing in customer service.

The ADT system includes a touchpad with an LCD display. It offers a chime to tell the homeowner when a door or window is accessed. The wireless keychain remote lets you operate the system remotely and includes a panic button to alert others of your distress. A 24-hour battery ensures you will be protected if your power goes out.



Vivint is a different kind of home security company. The home control features allow you to control far beyond just your home security. Vivint gives homeowners the capability to control their thermostat, activate and deactivate electronic devices, appliance control, and more. The company offers smoke detector add-ons and the ability to add extra sensors as you see fit.

Vivint’s control panel is unique in that it is a large, color, and touchscreen. Not only does it display the systems’ status but provides you with weather alerts and forecast. In addition, the company offers its customers the ability to communicate with monitoring representatives through a two-way conversation right from the control panel.

Home automation is the foundation of Vivint’s service. They offer professional installation, and surprisingly, it is one of the lower-priced home security systems available. And the system even includes crash-and-smash protection; this means even if the alarm is disarmed by a burglar, the monitoring company will still call the police.


As you start shopping for a home security system, there’s no need to get overwhelmed with all of the available options. By contacting Protect America, your individual security needs can be assessed and a home security system that meets all of these needs can be customized for you. Call today for a free quote.