Installing a home security system comes with many benefits that range from the purely monetary to the physical safety of your home and family. Selecting the best value home security system means examining its features and figuring out which devices and services will benefit your family the most.

The Best Home Security Systems Create a Protective Layer Around Your Family

One of the most important reasons to work with a professional in the design and implementation of your security system is because a professional can identify the vulnerable places around your home and recommend the best array of home security devices to ensure complete protection.

For example, the equipment your home security system professional might recommend may include motion detectors, wireless video cameras, and home automation that will help you monitor your home at the same time as your monthly monitoring service. Your security company may also recommend a certain number of motion detectors or window sensors.

If you take a look at the plans from Protect America, you’ll notice that one plan offers three door/window sensors, the next level up offers nine door/window sensors, and the top level includes 14 door/window sensors.

If you live in a studio apartment, you might not need the package with 14 sensors, but if your single-family home has dozens of windows, you might need that top package.

The best value home security system for your family might not be the system with the most bells and whistles and the greatest cost. Creating a protective layer of security for your family without going overboard with unnecessary features will help you enjoy the most value and safety from your investment.

What Features are Included in the Best Home Security Systems?

Modern security systems feature high-tech devices that would have seemed like something out of “Star Trek” just a few years ago. Not only are homeowners able to enjoy high definition video from multiple cameras across their property for relatively low investment, but they’re able to enjoy instant access to their home through smart home apps on their smartphones.

Ask yourself these questions to determine the most important features of your future home security system:

  • How many HD wireless video cameras are needed?
  • How many door and window sensors are necessary?
  • Are motion detectors required in every room of the house?
  • Is a wireless system or a hardwired system more appropriate?
  • Is DIY self-monitoring better or worse than a monthly monitoring service?
  • Should the system include extras like monitored smoke detection?

You can even delve further into your home security system’s features by examining each feature, one-by-one, and selecting the most appropriate version. For example, CNET has a list of seven features that you should consider just for home security cameras. Do you really need to become an expert on security cameras to choose the best camera? Maybe not, but a little extra research is never a waste of time.

Should You Consider Cost as a Part of Your Home Security System Choice?

Finding the best value in home security might not necessarily mean finding the cheapest plan. In fact, the most valuable plan for you and your family might be the one that offers the right amount of protection at the right price for your budget. Quality home security systems don’t need to cost an arm and a leg, but basing your choice entirely on the overall cost might not offer the best results.

A television station in Idaho reveals the opinion of a police officer on the value of a home security system:

“…some of the home security systems out there are actually getting really good. They feature a combination of audible alarms, intrusion sensors and surveillance systems. They are also combined with a mobile app that sends you an alert and live video of what’s happening at your house.”

Home Security For Renters
Installing a home security system with smart home technology is something you can consider with virtually any type of plan. You’ll find Alexa-enabled home automation options with Protect America, which can help you monitor your home even when you’re not at home. Would you like a free quote for a complete security system with equipment and monthly monitoring? Contact the friendly crew at Protect America today.