So, you’ve just moved into a new place. Of course, there’s a lot to be done, between signing the papers and calling the movers, the least of which is certainly not your home security needs. Maybe you already have a home security system at your old place, or maybe this is your first time securing a residence. Either way, if you’re moving into a ground floor apartment or garden unit, then you’ll have to take some unique factors into consideration as you plan out which home security measures to take. Living in a ground level apartment presents some interesting issues in relation to home security. For example, the proximity to street level can make your home a target for break-ins. Check out these tips from Protect America, and make sure your ground-floor apartment is secure.

Monitor Entry Points

If you’re moving into a ground-floor apartment, then you’re going to want to ensure that you take care to ensure that entry points to your home are secure and monitored. If you’re living on street level, then your windows and doors are, effectively, the only thing keeping you from the outside world. Depending on the nature of your landlord and the neighborhood in which you live, there may be bars or thick-paned glass on the windows facing the street. Either way, you’ll want to make sure that you know what’s going on in your apartment at all times. Try outfitting your apartment with our door and window sensors. These sensors create a magnetic field which, when broken, triggers your alarm and sends a message to your system’s control panel. Though small, these sensors offer a valuable first line of defense for your apartment.

Under Lock and Code

While we’re sure that your new place came with entirely functional locks on the doors, we invite you to consider the fact that any burglar worth their salt will  probably know how to pick a traditional lock. We carry a Yale Z-Wave lock that offers an abundance of features aimed at keeping your home safe. The touch screen lock allows for the programming of multiple codes for different users and integrates perfectly with your existing Protect America home security equipment. The Z-Wave lock allows you to check the status of your lock remotely at all times, so you’ll always be in the know if someone’s tampering with your door. The Z-Wave can also be unlocked from your phone, so you’ll never have to deal with those accidental late-night lock outs again.

On the Record

While it’s great to know whether or not someone’s invaded your home, it’s a great deal better, from a logistical standpoint, to have a record of such a thing happening. Having video footage of this sort of event could prove invaluable in potential legal disputes down the road. Let Protect America help you outfit your security system further with our video surveillance cameras. With fully integrated WiFi capabilities, these cameras can monitor your home even when you’re not there. With the capacity to be checked remotely, as well, you’ll never have to miss a beat.