The recent bomb attacks in Austin, Texas have caused many, both locally and nationwide, to look into improving their home security. A handful of respected voices within the home security industry note that the entire sector has seen a shift in interest from traditional passive alarms to more active measures such as automated smart locks and doorbell cameras. It’s important to note that the later technology could have helped prevent the postal service-oriented bombings to some degree in the Austin area.

Doorbell Cameras can Help

Exterior cameras across the board can help keep tabs on the overall activity around the perimeter of a home. Doorbell cameras are especially effective in responding to and in some cases deterring parcel-based attacks since users are notified immediately via a text message or push notification to their smartphone of a delivery to their doorstep.

In addition to near instant notification of delivery, video doorbells also provide home owners with video evidence of who delivers any packages to their doorstep. The video evidence doesn’t stop at the doorstep since the majority of doorbell cameras have a range that extends well beyond the average doorstep. This extended field of view is deep enough in most cases to record any potential suspicious individuals who exhibit questionable behavior and the same goes for out-of-place automobiles.