Are you pondering getting a Brinks home alarm system? It is a well-known company, and its products are generally considered to be high quality. Yet, it might not be the best choice for you. Don’t buy on name alone. Before you buy the Brinks home alarm system, here are some important things to consider.


This is a Self-Install Alarm System

The Brinks home alarm system is a self-installed product. This is how it works:

  • You call the company to place an order.
  • The company configures your alarm to your custom requirements.
  • The company sends you the alarm in the mail.
  • When the alarm arrives, you plug it in.
  • When you activate it, the alarm connects with your wi-fi, which allows it to send and receive information from Brinks.

Installing a home alarm on your own is not always as easy as it sounds, especially when wi-fi is involved. If you have any issues while installing it, there is no one there to assist you at that moment. You will have to call customer service at Brinks and have someone walk you though it on the phone.

Video Costs Extra

Brinks offers two home security plans with their alarms. One includes the ability for you to personally monitor video of your home on your phone or computer, while the other one does not. The video plan costs $10 a month more than the one without video. This adds up to an additional $120 a year if you want that capability with your alarm.

Many people who purchase home security like having the ability to monitor their home on their own. With Brinks, this capability is not automatic, and may or may not fit into your monthly budget, so bear it in mind when considering whether or not to use Brinks as your home security company.

The Professional Monitoring is Questionable

Both home security plans include round the clock monitoring from Brinks, which means if an alarm is tripped at your house, the computers at Brinks will be notified, and will make a call to the local authorities for you. It is called professional monitoring, but that depends on your definition of professional. There is very little human interaction involved with Brinks alarms. According to the Brinks website:

” A professionally monitored system transmits alarm signals to an Alarm Response Center, a sophisticated 24/7 call center that can rapidly notify police, fire or medical authorities during any emergency.”


Is There a Superior Choice to Brinks?

It depends on how you define your home security needs. Everyone is different. However, if you prefer a home security company that does it all for you, consider Protect America. They are a nine-time winner of the prestigious Consumer Digest Best Buy award, and have been a trusted name in home security for a long time. With round the clock monitored security done by professionals, Protect America offers you the hands-off solution to home security you have been searching for all this time.

With round the clock professional monitoring, there are always eyes on your house. You do not have to take time out of your busy schedule to check a camera, where you may or may not be watching at just the right time to catch someone in the act of robbing or vandalizing your home. With Protect America, you also get free, professional installation of your security equipment, which means you don’t have to go it alone. Plus, your rates are locked in whenever you choose your plan, and your three-year contract makes sure they stay that way.

With a price match guarantee, you can always be sure you are getting the lowest price for the highest quality home security around. Are you ready to protect your home the way it should be protected? Contact Protect America today for a free quote.