Late summer and early autumn are typically the busy season for exterminators. This conclusion is somewhat intuitive; much of the country is simply too cold to support a strong insect population during the rest of the year.  Regardless of causation, though, it’s been reported that this season usually holds the highest amounts of fumigation services. While it’s a good thing to reduce or eliminate any unwelcome bugs in and around your home, there’s more to be considered with this process than one might imagine.

Though it may seem like a strange assertion, scheduling fumigation services actually poses a considerable security risk to your home, belongings and family. Luckily, there are several steps to take that can help you ensure the bugs are the only thing that go missing from your home. Check out Protect America’s three steps for home security during fumigation service:


Termites are a leading cause of home fumigations

Do your research

We never want to advocate for distrust any more than we need to. That said, however, it’s important to do your research before choosing an exterminator or home care company to provide you with fumigation services. This need not be a deeply involved process; a simple review of the company’s Yelp! page or Google reviews should provide you with a succinct and accurate portrayal of their professionalism and trustworthiness.

Keep a particular eye out for any reviews stating that items went missing from the home or were damaged during the fumigation period, as this is the sort of thing you’re trying to avoid. While it may seem like a chore to research various companies instead of picking the first one out of the Yellow Pages, it’s entirely worthwhile for the safety of your home.


Photo by Z Egloff, Flickr CC

Don’t go too far

Having your home tented for fumigation services is a considerable inconvenience to say the least. You have to be out of the home for up to several days at a time so that the extermination crews can finish their work and then fully air out your home. As a result of this, many families use this time as the perfect excuse for a vacation.

While a relaxing trip and a change of scenery always sounds good, it’s important to recognize that this may not be the best idea. If you’re out of town during this process, you’re leaving your home open for longer than is ideal. Even if it’s locked, it’s not unheard of for burglars to purchase gas masks for the purpose of robbing a home being fumigated.

The tent provides the perfect cover for their actions, and any neighbor noticing people in gas masks would likely just assume they were exterminators. If you’re having your home tented, make sure to stay in the area and drive by to check on your home a few times each day.

Eyes on the situation

If you haven’t yet done so, you may want to consider installing some video surveillance cameras prior to the fumigation. These cameras will allow you to have a record of everything that happened in your home during the tenting, which will make it easy to determine the cause (and, potentially, the location) of any stolen property. Also, the value of the cameras will extend long beyond the fumigation process, making them a great value.