Bunker Hill Security is a company that creates security systems for your home. There are a lot of different systems that you can use to protect your home but you want to make sure that you are choosing the right one that meets your needs and is high quality. Bunker Hill Security creates some great products that you can use for exactly that.


Reasons to Shop Around

When it comes to home security, it is always a good idea to shop around not only when you are looking to get your own equipment but also when you are wanting to find a provider that will keep your home and family safe. This is just the main reason why you should take a look in the market to see what is available but it is not the only reason. Some other reasons include making sure you are getting a quality system, finding a company with great customer service, and even knowing that the company is as reliable as you need them to be.

“There is more to finding the right equipment and provider than simply the price tag. You often need to dig deeper to find the right fit.”

Bunker Hill Security Options

Bunker Hill is an option that you can choose from in the market for your equipment. These are some of the options that they offer in the market:

  • Wireless systems – These days, no one wants a system that is connected to wires. Not only is it unsightly but it also can provide an easy way for someone to shut off your security system with an easy snip. With wireless systems, you do not have to even worry about that.
  • Surveillance DVRs – Not only do you want to see what is happening inside and outside of your home but you want to be able to look back at something if needed. These devices will actually store your surveillance footage.
  • Outdoor Cameras – Outdoor cameras need to be able to weather the storm and there are several cameras in their lineup that will provide exactly that for you so you can keep an eye on the outside of your home as well.
  • Color Cameras – Cameras have come a long way and you can now get cameras that record in color for better visuals instead of just in black and white. This will give you even more that you can use if you ever need to pull footage and try to identify a potential intruder in your home.
  • Night Vision Cameras – A burglary can happen at any time during the day or night which is why it is important to be able to see what is happening no matter the time. While they are more likely to happen during the day, that does not mean it cannot happen at night.
  • Alert Systems – Do you want to know when someone comes in and out of your home? You can get an alert system that will chime any time you need to be aware of someone entering or a door opening. These systems are great for knowing if a door opens during the middle of the night.


Using Protect America with Bunker Hill Security Systems

One of the great things about Protect America is that they will provide you with free equipment in many cases. However, if you simply want to own your own equipment, you can use Bunker Hill Security systems if you would like to do so. Since Bunker Hill is a provider of equipment and Protect America is a provider of both equipment and services, you can blend the two if you have a preference for this system. All you will need to do is let Protect America know they type of system you have in place so they can begin the process of setting up monitoring for you. It is as simple as that and Protect America will take care of the rest for you.

If you are in the market to set up home security, be sure to get in touch with Protect America. We will match any price and our services are unmatched in the industry. Be sure to contact us today.