If you are considering adding a burglar alarm to better protect your home from criminals, you have a few choices, but only one will truly provide complete coverage.  For the sake of comparison, we’ve provided a quick good, better, best scenario to help you decide if installing a simple door sensor and alarm is all you really want.


Good: Self-Monitored Bargain DIY Home Security 

For a couple hundred dollars you can pick up a burglar alarm at the home improvement store.  In about an hour you can install the control panel and the pair of door/window sensors. With a little effort and persistence, your panel can be connected to your smartphone and will send you a text every time the alarm is triggered. You will be responsible for calling the cops. This is better than nothing but doesn’t do much to protect your home when your phone’s battery is dead.

Better: Self-Monitored with Home Automation

With the advent of home automation systems like Amazon’s Alexa, there are a number of home security systems able to communicate with the voice-activated unit.  With a simple voice command, you can arm or disarm the alarm panel.  You will also be able to tie in a variety of other features like:

  • Your garage door opener
  • A smoke detector
  • A flood sensor in the basement
  • Broken glass sensor
  • Wireless cameras

While it is true that nobody is watching the store while you are away, you are better able to access and monitor your home anywhere that you have cell coverage.  However, there aren’t cell towers in every inch of the world.


Best: Video, Fire, Water, and Burglar Alarm with 24/7 Remote Monitoring

Finally, if you really want to ensure that the authorities are notified when something goes wrong at your home, and you are unable to respond yourself at that instant, a remotely monitored home security system like the ones built by Protect America will provide the best deterrent to a passing burglar.

You will enjoy all the perks of your fancy home automation system, your ease of access through your smartphone, and the added protection of a professional responding to your alarm panel when it is triggered. If your smoke detector goes off, the fire department will be on their way in just a minute, instead of waiting for your call. With the burglar siren sounding off, your neighbors will be able to give a proper description to the police who may even nab the bad guy while he is in the act.

As you can see, only a monitored home security system and burglar alarm have any hope of catching the criminal when nobody is at home. For more information and a complete review of your home security needs, give the professionals at Protect America a call today.  They will work with you to create the personalized system that will keep you on budget and your family safe.