Yes, you read the title correctly. “Why in the world would I do that?”, you may be wondering. The reason is simple: Because if you can think of a clever way to break inside of your own home, we guarantee you a burglar can too. When you plan to burglarize yourself, you’ll quickly discover any weaknesses in your home security system that you may not have previously noticed. You can even turn it into a game and have some fun with your family or friends. Doing so could end up being the difference between getting burglarized or not.

The Rules of the Game

Get a pen and notepad (or anything to write on). Leave your house in its current condition. Exit your home and lock the door. Go to the furthest spot of your property and stand facing your home. The game begins now. What do you notice? If you see any obvious places to hide, for example, unkempt hedges or bushes, make note of that. Chances are if you think it’s a good hiding spot, so will a burglar. Inspect the perimeter of your home. Can you see through your blinds or curtains anywhere in the house? Perhaps it’s time to buy new blinds or curtains, or maybe you just need to start closing them more often, especially if it’s night time. Are any windows locked? Do those windows have window sensors if they aren’t? Do the windows open all the way? The fix could be as simple as locking your windows or making sure you only have windows that open up to 6 inches. Make sure all of your windows on the first floor have motion sensors as well. This will sound the alarm when it is armed if someone does open them. Try to break into your front door, back door, garage door and any other door that leads into your home. Is the wood hollow or rotting anywhere? Do you think you could kick down your door? Is it easy to jimmy your locks to easily walk in? If you answered yes to any of these, you need to either buy a new door, reinforce your current door or change your locks. Remember that a burglar only spends 60 seconds on average trying to break into a home. If it takes longer than that, chances are they will move on to another home. Examine your house more closely now. Does it appear occupied (TV on, radio playing, dog moving around)? Is the mail piling up? If it’s nighttime, are the lights on? Can you clearly see your house number? Can you clearly see your home security system alarm sticker? A burglar will always pay attention to these key points. If it appears that no one is home, they may spend even longer trying to break into your home, especially if you don’t have a home security system. They may also not be afraid to make more noise, such as breaking your window or trying to kick in your door. If you have a two-story home, is it easy to somehow climb your way to the second story? A good rule to live by is if you think it’s easy to break into your home, it probably is– especially for a burglar. Remember to take note of all the things you notice while you go through the entire perimeter of your home. At the end compare notes with your family and friends and brainstorm ways that you can further deter burglars from ever breaking into your home. Once you do that, be sure to implement what you’ve come up with! Also be sure to do this at least once during the day and once at night. You might just notice something you’ve missed before.

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