The dangers of carbon monoxide can lead to health issues and in some cases can prove to be fatal. Often times carbon monoxide poisoning happens spontaneously or when you least expect it. It’s important to be prepared while knowing the dangers and risks when it comes to carbon monoxide in your home.

Did you know that Protect America provides a home security sensor that detects carbon monoxide?

How a Carbon Monoxide Sensor Works

A carbon sensor works just like any other home security sensor. This sensor can be programmed into your home security system and when set off, it can send a signal directly to your home security monitoring center alarming them of a carbon monoxide warning.

This sensor can either be programmed silently, so that it won’t make a sound when it does send an alarm, or it can be programmed to automatically alarm you with an actual siren and send a signal to the monitoring station once it detects any amount of carbon.

The sensor is programmed as a different group number into the panel to show that its classified differently within your panel’s programming. This group number is important to display what type of sensor it is, and typically is programmed once you receive the system with the original installation kit, or programmed by one of our experts once you receive it after you order the sensor.

The carbon monoxide sensor can be tested by simply pressing a button on the side of sensor. It can be both plugged into an electrical outlet or run off of a back up battery built inside. The sensor should be tested at least once a month along with the rest of your sensors.

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