Protect America offers 3 types of monitored alarm systems. You have the basic landline which operates through your home phone, broadband, which uses your internet to communicate, and cellular monitoring that operates off of cellular towers.

Protect America Cellular Monitoring

The Protect America cellular system is great for anyone looking to get an alarm system. Whether this is your first alarm system, or you’re looking to upgrade, cellular monitoring is the way to go. It is up to date, and comes with a interactive features that allows you to arm and disarm the system from your computer or phone.

A lot of security experts would recommend the system not only because of what cool features this system has, but because of the safety the cellular monitoring provides. If you have a regular phone line system, technically someone could cut your phone line and your   system would not send a signal. The great thing now a days is that a lot of newer phone companies have your phone line buried under ground so it would be hard for them to cut the line. Lets just say the burglar would have to go way out of their way to cut your phone line. If this situation did happen, Protect America offers cellular monitoring. In this case if someone did cut the line, and if you had cellular back up; the burglar would cut the phone line, break in, and the alarm would still send a signal to the monitoring station. It operates off a device which is enclosed in the actual alarm panel.

People who don’t have a phone line typically go with cellular because they don’t want to worry about having to pay for a landline phone line which is perfectly fine. Every situation is different so I would say to consult your security provider to decide what is best for you.

Cellular Alarm System Overview

Safety Features

  • Don’t need a phone line for it work. If you do have one, it sends a signal even if phone line is cut.
  • Interactive notification features.
  • Smash and Dash. (If someone smashes your alarm system, the monitoring station will be notified.
  • With the interactive feature you can check to see online if you left a door or window open.
  • Real-time notifications.

Interactive Features

  • Arm and disarm system remotely when you’re not at home.
  • Set up alarm notifications. Get texts or emails when an alarm is triggered almost instantly.
  • See who disarmed the system at what time, by giving different people who access the alarm system different codes.
  • Access to turn on and off appliances.

Convenience Features

  • No more home phone line!
  • Save money by not having to have a home phone.
  • Accessible from remote locations when you’re not home or out of town. You can arm and disarm the system for people whom you do not want to give your access codes to.
  • Arm and disarm with the touch of a button.

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