CenturyLink has long been a massive name in communications across the world, with a history dating back to 1968, when the Central Telephone & Electronics Corporation was founded. Century Link also provides home security, even though it has nothing to do with their current business model. The home security addition was something that Century Link implemented in the past couple years. Traditionally, Century Link offers cable television, home phone, internet service and Verizon wireless to businesses and residential areas. Before you consider Century Link for your home security provider, think about your current relationship with your internet service provider. Or this recent review might jog your memory:

Century Link has just about the worst customer service that I’ve EVER dealt with.

Now imagine giving a company like this even more control over your life! 


With a current rating of one star on Yelp, it is obvious that Century Link is not meeting customer needs. In a recent Yelp review from just a couple weeks ago, this customer expressed frustration with Century Link after multiple years of service. It states:

I have had it up to here with Century Link.  While their connection has been reasonably reliable, I am not down with 50% taxes.  Their $65 a month, 5-year “special” for Internet and phone is really $95 with a laundry list of taxes, fees and surcharges that added up to $30 more a month than I was quoted.

A quick search on the Internet will show you that this is just one of countless poor reviews about Century Link’s overall performance. How would you expect their home security service is knowing that home security is not Century Link’s primary concern?

High Prices

We like that Century Link provides prices on their website. Many home security companies do not even list a price, forcing the customer to call or request a quote. However, the website tells you almost nothing about the services that are provided with the packages. You’ll need to go to the promotions site to find out more details.

Century Link provides 3 different packages for home security needs. Each of the packages has a one-time installation fee that can increase the total price of your system drastically. Century Link provides three packages:

  • Silver Package costs $34.99 a month, with a one-time installation cost of $199
  • Gold Package costs $44.99 a month, with a one-time installation cost of $199
  • Platinum Package costs $54.99 a month, a one-time with installation cost of $499

We believe home security should be simple and affordable, nonetheless. That’s why Protect America provides free equipment for every start-up package. For as low as $19.99 a month you can get home security for your home and family. This includes free DIY set-up and a lifetime replacement plan. Check out our website for specific details and promotions.

The Bottom Line

If you’re already a customer who purchases Century Link’s TV, internet or other bundles, or you’re interested in improving your home security whilst also getting another service, Century Link Home Security might be the place for you.

However, we believe that quality security comes from a company that focuses solely on just that. At Protect America, we are driven to provide only the highest quality products and dedicated service at an affordable price. Call Protect America today!