Austin, Texas – May 6th, 2013 – Protect America, Inc., the largest provider of wireless home security systems in the country, is helping bring attention to personal information and identity issues for Choose Privacy Week.

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Held during the first week of May, Choose Privacy Week seeks to inform the general public about a wide range of issues relating to their personal information, such as the impact of data mining techniques. The primary organizer for Privacy Week, the American Library Association, sponsors the annual event because of concerns over the ability of people to research topics freely, without intrusion.

“As more and more of our personal data moves online, people need to take precautions to protect that information,” said Mackenzie Kelly, a spokeswoman for Protect America. “A single piece of information, like your date of birth or your social security number, might not be valuable to a criminal, business, or government. But so much information is available nowadays that organizations that may not have your best interests in mind are capable of figuring out a lot about you.”

Joining the ALA in their sponsorship of Choose Privacy Week is the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and the Society of America Archivists (SAA). Each organization has their own reason for participating in Choose Privacy Week but most are motivated by a desire to give people the right to control their personal information.

Protect America is helping the effort by holding seminars for employees on the best practices for controlling their personal data, such as limiting online shopping to high-profile, trusted web sites. The company is also publishing educational articles on its website to help interested customers.

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