The Circuit of the Americas comes to Austin this weekend. The newly built F1 track located right outside of Austin will attract over 100,000 people all weekend long. F1 is a popular racing sport among Europeans, and people all over the world in general. Austin as a city is very lucky to have such an amazing event, as it’s the first of its kind in the United States.

During F1 weekend in Austin there will be a lot amazing events, such as exclusive nightclubs like Lounge 88, Blu at the W, Gold at the Four, and fun filled all day concerts like Fan Fest that feature acts like Flo Rida.

Being that Protect America is located in Austin, this event is especially close to us and we want to remind all who are attending or may be visiting to practice safety procedures.

The Austin America Statesmen, a local publication in Austin, released an article about human trafficking today. During all major events such as this, there can be an increase in human trafficking and forced prostitution.

F1 Weekend Safety Tips

1. Buddy System – Make sure to have a friend with you everywhere you go, especially if you are in an unfamiliar place.

2. Don’t Drink and Drive – Make sure to not drive around under the influence. If you chose to drink, please have a designated driver, or have the number to a local cab company.

3. Have a Schedule – Know where you are going at all times. Have a plan for getting around Austin.

4. Drink Water – Stay hydrated all weekend. This weekend’s weather seems to be good but if you’re out and about all weekend your body will need extra hydration.

5. Wallet or Purse – If you’re carrying money around with you, be sure to keep a close eye on it by having it near by you at all times or in your front pockets. Austin doesn’t usually have any pick-pocketing issues, but you never know. Losing money is never fun.