Mansfield, Ohio Mayor Tim Theaker is no stranger to burglary. Several years ago, he was recovering from a hip replacement at his home when he heard a door slam. Theaker went outside to find a strange man in his front yard. The man asked if he needed his gutters cleaned. Then casually got in a cream-colored Cadillac and left. Theaker and his wife then found their side porch door open and some money missing. Once police tracked down the man, identified as Kinster Davis, he was taken into custody on felony burglary charges. This became known as the legend of the Clean Gutter Burglar.

Clean Gutter Burglar Strikes Again

Fast forward to June of 2014 when Mayor Theaker found a cream-colored Cadillac in this driveway with no driver. He circled the house twice looking for the driver and eventually found none other than Kinster Davis in the yard. Upon being asked what he was doing there, Davis said  “I just wanted to see if you needed your gutters cleaned ”. Before hurriedly backing his car out of the driveway, Davis paused and asked, “Have I seen you before?”

clean gutter burglar

Theaker went into his home where his wife noticed $10 missing from her purse. Once they called the police, the Theakers realized they had just fallen prey to the same burglar who had victimized them years before. Davis has been arrested once again and will most likely go back to prison for the same burglary scheme he has conducted for years. Read the full story here!

The takeaway

Not that you would trust strange people on your property anyway, but keep an eye out for suspicious activity in your neighborhood. you never know how brazen criminals might be. While you’re at it, make sure you’re armed with a security system. Also – if someone in a cream-colored Cadillac offers to clean your gutters, you might have a problem.