With the growth in popularity of security systems over the last few years, many are taking their home security into their own hands. When setting up and maintaining your own household system, be sure to avoid these common home security mistakes that could lead to serious security problems:

Being Too Obvious

Hiding a spare key under the welcome mat, in a fake rock or on your door frame is equivalent to leaving your door unlocked. At this point, those hiding places have been so overused that they will be the first spots that anyone trying to break in will check. In addition, choosing obvious passcodes for your home security system renders them useless. For example, codes such as “00000” or “12345” are extremely common and will be an intruder’s first guess. Also, be sure to change your passcode from the factory-installed settings. These codes are widely available on the Internet.

Improper Installation

When you install your home security system be sure to follow all the provided steps. An improperly installed system is about as useful as no system at all. Make sure all door and window sensors are secure and correctly oriented. Also, do not neglect any of your home’s access points. Sometimes homeowners will only apply the sensors to the main door and leave the back door or basement door open to attack. It is important that all of the possible entry points are appropriately secured.

Poor Control Panel Placement

Make sure your control panel is not located too close to your front door. It may seem intuitive to place your control panel where it can be easily armed and disarmed on your way in and out of your house, but having it too close to the entrance will do more harm than good. For example, if it is too close to a window, anyone can watch as you enter in your code. Also, it is easier for a burglar to quickly disengage control panels that are close to the door.

Forgetting to Arm the System

Many people simply forget to arm their system on the way out of their homes. It can be difficult to get in the habit of doing something you have never done before, but it is important! It is imperative that you do whatever you need to so that you are constantly reminded to arm your security system on the way out of your house. After two to three weeks, it should become habit, but until then, be sure to remind yourself.

Don’t be a victim of a home security breach. Even the best security system in the world can’t help you if you are guilty of these common mistakes. Take care to practice safe habits and you can be reassured that you and your loved ones are safe.

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Cover photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons