There are more than a few security systems to choose from on the market. In fact, the shopping process can be overwhelming for someone looking to get the best bang for their buck while meeting their security needs. There are numerous ways to compare home security systems, and here at Protect America, we value your safety, so we put together a helpful go-to guide outlining everything you need to look at when comparing security systems. The main factors that we believe you need to consider when comparing security systems include:


  • Cost
  • System layout
  • Wireless or hardwired
  • For homeowners and renters
  • DIY or Professional Installation
  • Local dealer or national company


Cost is one of the biggest factors looked at by most homeowners when comparing systems. After all, it is helpful to know exactly what you are paying for. Sometimes, you are paying mainly for the equipment you will be using. While other times it could be a combination of the equipment’s monthly fee or the monthly fee along with the monthly service charge for monitoring. You’ll also find it helpful to know exactly when the contract is up and who owns the equipment once the contract expires.

System Layout

Your home security system needs to be well planned. Devices need to be placed in the correct locations. A professional knows where and how to place equipment in areas that pose the greatest risk due to value and easy access; this is one reason you should always opt for a professional installation.

Wireless or Hardwired

If hardwiring can be installed, this is your best choice. If you do not own your home, it is most likely you do not have the option of running wires or damaging walls; this is when you would want to invest in a wireless system, which can be taken with you once you move out of the residence. On the downside, a wireless system will require batteries for the transmitters and these will need to be changed out periodically. Wireless systems are more apt to have issues with range and false alarms as well. When comparing prices between wireless and wired, wireless systems tend to be more expensive, although installation for a wireless system is much quicker and easier.

For Homeowners or Renters

According to, “You are more likely to burglarized if you rent than if you own your home.” Renters may have to accept that a wireless system is their only option, but if you own your home, you can install any kind of home security system you choose, right? The answer to that is yes and no. Your home’s construction may determine what your options are.

DIY or Professional Installation

Another thing to consider is to compare the systems based on how they will need to be installed. If you are tech savvy and feel up to the challenge, there is a wide variety of do-it-yourself systems. A considerable amount of the cost can be knocked off the top if you choose to install the system yourself. On the other hand, a professional can set up a system fairly quickly and show you ways to get the maximum security out of your new alarm system. Here at Protect America, we offer free installation.


Local Dealer or National Company

When comparing the equipment between a local dealer and well know national company, such as ADT, Protection One, or Monitronics, the equipment is basically the same. How the system is installed and at what cost you will receive your services are the main issues.


As you can see, there are many factors to be considered when shopping for a home security system. This doesn’t mean the process has to be overwhelming, especially if you have a reputable service provider in your corner that can assess your needs for you and point you in the right direction. Here at Protect America, we are all about simplifying the process and getting you protected with one of today’s top home security systems. We offer free installation, lock-in rates, free equipment, and more. Contact us today.