When it comes to comparing home security you look at the company, it’s products and see if they actually fit your needs. The hard part at times is actually identifying what your needs really are. A lot of times you’ll want to call into a home security provider to figure out what they can do for you or what they recommend. So without calling, that’s exactly what we will do today in this article. I’ll break down the questions and answer most of the questions you have.

Comparing Home Security Products to Meet Your Needs

So what are your needs? The first part is knowing that you are susceptible to home burglaries, fires, floods or freezing. What part of the country do you live in and which dangers are you most likely to encounter? Burglary and fire protection are a must have because they are them most common. The next step is to evaluate your home. Where are there points of entry for a burglar? Count the amount of doors and windows you have; that is the number of entry points. Each one of these points will need to have a door/window sensor. There’s only one entry point that needs a special sensor, and that’s an over-head garage door sensor. This sensor is specifically made for over-head garage doors because it triggers as it tilts.

Motion detectors and glass break sensors are also important in your home. Both of these pieces of equipment act as a second line of defense. All of our home security packages include at least one motion detector. Each motion detectors can protect a 400 square foot room. These are usually placed in the top corner of a room to get the most coverage. They are triggered by heat and motion. Our motion detectors are pet immune up to 40 lbs.

So you might think ask yourself if you really need these products. The products explained above are the most common. But we always like to remind people of complete home protection. It’s being protected by almost every sensor we have to offer. Each home should have a carbon monoxide detector. Carbon monoxide can be deadly and too often goes undetected. Freeze and flood sensors can also prove to be helpful in alerting you. Having sensors like this can alert you of other life dangers before it’s too late, saving you time, money and sometimes even your life.

Comparing the Price of Home Security to Meet Your Budget

Ensuring you get the price is probably what people do the most research on. Rather than focusing on what products you’re getting and other details, the price is at times more important. This is understandable that you want to make sure you pick a company that can offer you a great price while giving you the security products you need to fit your needs. Comparing home security companies has never been easier with companies like BestHomeSecurityCompanys.com – an expert review website dedicated to home security.

Things to consider when pricing home security other than the actual cost are things that you get in the long run. It’s important to ask warranty questions. At Protect America we actually offer a lifetime warranty on all products! We’re one of the only company’s that actually does that. Don’t pay out of pocket for replacing faulty equipment from other companies. Another great questions to ask is; does the company you choose have the power to increase your monthly rate? If so, will they? At Protect America you will be on one great monthly cost and we will never change it.

Comparing home security can be tough but understanding what to compare is necessary. Price and products are the two most important things. As an expert in the home security industry, I can safely say that Protect America is one of the best home security companies in the industry.

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