The home security landscape is changing rapidly in 2018. Cellular home security monitoring has taken off. These systems operate on their own cellular channel. You don’t need a landline or cell phone to use them. In fact, cellular home security monitoring is much safer than traditional landline monitoring. In traditional landline monitoring burglars can cut your phone lines and disable the system – not so with cellular home security monitoring. It looks very much like 2018 may be the beginning of the end for the old landline home security technology.

The SMART Connected Life

SMART Connect services included free with your cellular monitoring.

  • Alarm System Control: Use your smartphone to arm, disarm and view the status of your alarm system easily and in real time.
  • Front Door Locks: Unlock doors with your phone, program multiple user codes and check the status of your lock from anywhere, anytime.
  • Lighting Command: Control lights from the couch or miles away. Give your home a “lived-in” appearance no matter where you are.
  • Live Video Surveillance: Keep an eye on your home from anywhere in the world with live video. (Video Service Required)
  • Home Automation: Forget to turn off your hair straightener? Want to brew coffee before you get out of bed? Home automation easily controls appliances from your phone.


The Benefits of Cellular Monitoring

WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY: Forget that tangle of wires running through your home and walls. Wireless technology makes this security system incredibly easy to use and operate. No mess, no stress.

READY TO PROTECT: Setup typically takes less than an hour. Once your system is operational, you’re surrounded by a shield that is ready to jump into action any time.

FREE AND FRIENDLY TECH SUPPORT: As a Protect America customer, you have access to our technical support professionals who can help with any home security questions you may have. It’s our job to make sure you’re safe and comfortable!


No Cut Phone Lines

With Cellular Monitoring, your home security system works just like a cell phone. Authorities are notified of an alarm without the need of a landline. This eliminates the opportunity for thieves to bypass your protection by simply cutting the wires that lead to your home.

No Phone Line? No Problem.

Many modern homeowners prefer to have a cell phone and have given up their landline altogether. Many alarm systems, however, require a phone line to dial out to their monitoring station. We say – ditch the phone line and switch to cellular. Cellular monitoring means your alarm system communicates wirelessly and easily contacts our monitoring station during any sign of trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Cellular Monitoring different from typical security monitoring?

Cellular technology allows your security system to communicate with the monitoring station over the same platform that cell phones use. This means that a criminal cannot bypass your system by cutting the phone line.

How do I set up my cellular monitored security system?

Once you’ve ordered, we program your security system at a Protect America facility for an easy install. A package is then shipped to your home with all the wireless equipment you will need to quickly arm your home. Once you receive your package, simply call our security installation experts at 1-800-951-5111, Option 3. A security expert will then walk you through each step of the DIY setup which typically takes less than an hour.

What happens when my alarm is triggered?

Once your system senses an alarm, a signal is sent to a monitoring station. A representative will then attempt to reach you and then an emergency contact. If no contact can be made, the authorities will be notified.

How often should I test my system?

We recommend that you test your security system once a month to ensure a proper connection. Visit the for a complete testing walk through.