If you own a home, it’s a good bet that a salesperson has knocked on your front door offering the latest and greatest security system.  Everyone has something to sell or at least as though they are at your home to sell you something.


From simple security solutions to scams, here are 3 facts from Consumer Reports that may surprise you:

No Monthly Fees

Traditional home security meant that a professional would come to your home, hardwire and install the security system and you paid the monthly fee for them to monitor your home.  But with today’s advancement in technology, the line of do-it-yourself systems are now plentiful and easy to install.

Costs on these systems – from a basic system which runs around $199 all the way up to a hefty $499 with all the bells and whistles, there is a wide range of security systems that offer features that will fit your need and your budget.

The downside of a do-it-yourself system with no monthly fees is that there is no company to monitor your home and so this is an undertaking that you must handle but if you have a limited budget but want something in place, this is the type of system for you.

Your Security System Might be a Magnet

What the what?  If you have a home security system through a major company, many provided a little sign that you stick in your front flower garden, warning would-be burglars that they’re going to get caught should they try to come in your home. But why might that act the opposite and actually bring burglars to your front door?

Your security system might be a scam magnet!

Consumer Reports tell us that burglars and salesman look for older signs and come to your door acting as though they are with the home security company that you are proudly advertising.  They tell you that they are here to do an inspection of the system or they’re needing to make a repair.  At this point is where you need to stop and make a call to your security company to see if they have sent someone.  If you let them in, they could be turning off the system so that they can come back when you are not home and they unalarmed access into your home.

Another scam that homeowners are reporting is salesman from the actual company that you have a contract will scam you into upgrading or buying a new contract.  They do this so that they get the credit for the sale and they have now gotten more money out of you.  Or, a person pretending to be with the company will tell you that you need to purchase new equipment, you need a deposit and then they will take the money and run.

The Doorbell of the Future

New gadgets and security cameras are coming in all shapes and forms. If you are one who just wants a simple solution to see who is coming to your door or you don’t want to spend a lot of money to invest in a full-blown home security system, many simple solutions can be found.

One new, easy installation that many homeowners will be interested in is a peephole unit made by the company EZVIZ.  They have made a small camera that fits in and replaces the standard size peephole in a front door.  The camera features a display for seeing who it is at your door without you being seen.  A second similar option is a camera unit that replaces the doorbell by your front or back door and can display who is standing at your door and what they are doing.

There are many options to fit your home security need and budget.  If you’re interested in what simple home security options you can install to help protect and care for you and your family, visit Protect America to get information or, request a free quote by calling 1-800-951-5190.  Protect America has up to 5 plans to choose from and will work directly with you to establish what works best with your budget.