Experiencing a home break-in is rare. The reality is that most burglaries occur during the day when all occupants are out of the house. With that being said, coming back to a home break-in can be a traumatizing and invasive experience. After all, if it happened once, it can happen again. Fortunately, security systems have gotten increasingly more affordable since they were first introduced to the market. Today, readers will learn about a few affordable security systems that they can purchase just down the street at their local Costco!

Understanding Security Systems in 2020

First and foremost, a discussion on home security needs to revolve around the impact that the systems provide. According to crime statistics curated by the FBI, there were more than eight million reports of property crime in 2015. Eight million! What does this mean? Well, property crime is still technically rare, but eight million reports are nothing to ignore, especially with the holidays always around the corner. So, what can a home security system offer?

In 2012, Philadelphia residents reported 194 residential burglaries starting on December 24th. As the Holidays arrive, so to does property crime.

The first home security system entailed little more than a camera and a television screen. Marie Van Brittan Brown invented the first security system in 1966. Since the inception of the security system, customers have learned to expect quite a bit more from their set-ups. Nowadays, most modern security systems will include all the following features:

  • High Definition Video Quality – Home security systems can be purchased with video quality ratings ranging from 480p to 8k. Higher video quality equates to more detail which could help in the event of a crime. Larger video files may require larger storage drives.
  • Night Vision Capability – Whether a security system is being installed outside or inside, customers need to make sure that their cameras are IR-capable. IR night vision cameras are essential to properly securing a home in 2019 and beyond.
  • Optional 24/7 Monitoring – Companies like Protect America offer 24/7 monitoring through their security system set-ups. What does this mean? Simply put, 24/7 monitoring will mean that homeowners are never alone when something happens at their home. 24/7 monitoring may require an additional subscription price, so make sure to explore this option in full.
  • Wireless Mobile Applications – Finally, modern security systems are expected to be accessible via mobile applications. All major security systems offer a mobile app that can be accessed wirelessly for monitoring while on the go.

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Affordable Costco Home Security Service

As one of the largest warehouse suppliers in the United States, Costco possesses a very important percentage of the shopping world. Homeowners and renters who go to Costco will find more than just discount groceries at their big box store, they will also find affordable home security solutions. Costco has been supplying professional home security devices for a while now and listed below are a few of their best options.

  • Arlo Pro 2 Indoor/Outdoor Wireless System – When discussing professional home security, ease-of-use is almost always going to be King. The Arlo Pro 2 is one of the best home security systems on the market thanks to its streamlined installation process and wealth of features. The Arlo Pro 2 can work both indoors and outdoors. This security system comes packed with 1080p HD video, 25-foot night vision, and two-way audio delivery. This 3-camera system is perfect for a single-family home or a large apartment.
  • AvertX 16-Channel 4K NVR Security System – For a larger piece of property, it is impossible to beat the features that the AvertX 16-CHannel Security System offers. This massive home security system includes 10 bullet cameras built for outdoor use. The cameras on this system record in 4K which means that every detail possible will be captured on screen. The AvertX saves to the cloud via a 2GB cloud subscription service.
  • Swann 16-Channel 4K Ultra HD Security System – The final Costco security system worth highlighting is the Swann 16-Channel 4K Ultra HD Security System. This exorbitant security system features a half-dozen 4K bullet cameras and a pair of spotlight bullet cameras that also record in 4K. What makes this system more accessible than the AvertX is the fact that it comes packaged with a 3TB hard drive for maximum on-board storage.

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    Like any other store, getting the most out of a Costco home security system revolves around knowing what to look for. Keep the aforementioned information in mind when shopping and never hesitate to ask any questions. With all of that said, there is one more security system that is worth highlighting!

    How Many Home Security Cameras do you Need?

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    Protect Your Home With Protect America

    While there are many amazing security systems Costco has to offer, they don’t have everything. For customers still looking to try the perfect security system, Protect America is there to be of service. Protect America has been serving the residential and commercial community with affordable DIY security systems since its establishment in 1992. In the years since its inception, Protect America has grown into the 14th largest residential security company in the United States of America.

    Protect America offers many benefits to customers looking to secure their home. Protect America operates by working directly with consumers rather than through a middle-man. Thanks to their easy-to-install systems, homeowners can enjoy a quick and affordable DIY setup instead of the more costly professional installation mandated by other security companies.

    Head to Protect America today for a free quote without any obligation or commitment. Take some time to find out how Protect America can help out, today!