Technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated and less expensive, making the dream of owning a smart home a reality for many families. No matter what you hope to achieve by installing smart tech features, you can meet your goals. Of course, some gadgets are better at transforming the way you live than others. Be sure you invest in the right technology to create the smart home you’ve always wanted.

Home Energy Management Systems

With the advent of smart home technology, going green is easier than ever. The right system will help you and your family decrease your energy consumption and save money on monthly utility bills. “How do I get a system like that,” you ask? Well, it’s simpler and more affordable than you might think. Home automation systems use radio waves to create a communication link between your smartphone or computer and your appliances. You simply plug a lamp, for example, into the appliance module and then you’ll have the power to turn it on and off remotely. By having control over your appliances, you can determine which ones are used while you’re away. Forget to turn off the lights? No big deal – just hop on your smartphone and turn them off.

Programmable thermostats also help decrease your energy consumption. You set the device so it keeps the house at a certain temperature throughout the day. The furnace or air conditioner can run at a steady pace without using the energy to kick on and off. Furthermore, you can program it to decrease the amount of heat or air conditioning used at specific times of day. Save energy by presetting the device to lower the temperature when you aren’t home.

Home Security Systems

No smart home is complete without the installation of home security. Current technology makes protecting your house and property easy with features such as the SMART Connect app, which connects the system to your smartphone. Watch live video feed and archived footage, and receive alerts or texts from the app. For example, if a motion sensor detects suspicious movement, you’ll receive an alert. Open your app and check the footage from security cameras to see if anything is amiss. No matter where you go, you’ll always have control over your security. Furthermore, you can turn the alarm on and off with the touch of a screen.

Smart Locks

For centuries, locks and keys have been the primary instrument for guarding the home. But now technology allows homeowners to control their doors on a whole new level. The Yale Z-Wave smart lock fits into your doors and provides digital access to the house. This smart home feature comes with a key pad where you program various user codes. You, your spouse and your children can all have your own code, or lock or unlock the doors using your SMART Connect app. While a traditional key will still open the door, you never have to worry about being locked out ever again.

Sophisticated Appliances

New devices an integrate different appliances into one unit. For example, the Xbox One game system brings together television, games and the Internet so you can switch between various mediums. Entertainment devices aren’t the only appliances that are increasingly intelligent. You can now buy motion-sensing faucets for your home. You’ll never get the faucet dirty while washing dishes because a wave of your hand will turn it on.

Even refrigerators, ovens and dishwashers are smarter than models made just a few years ago. For example, some refrigerators allow you to create temperature zones in which the individual space can be warmer or cooler than the rest of the fridge. The best part about these modern appliances is that most are energy efficient.