If you’re looking to compare Cox home security offerings to Protect America, you might be thinking that both companies offer similar security services. However, home security companies can be very different in the services they provide. We’ve gathered some of the major differences to help you make an informed decision.

Cox: Just Another Telecom Company

Cox Communications is a telecom company that remains the third largest cable provider in the United States. While Cox is one of the latest cable companies to release a home security system, there are some interesting dynamics to note with a security system from a telecom company. Your experience with your cable company probably isn’t great, and you aren’t alone.  In fact, saying that people dislike dealing with cable companies is an understatement. Think twice before giving another telecom company even more control over your life. 

Cable companies are fairly new to the home security industry. Most of the telecom companies toting home security systems have emerged in just the past couple years. With Cox announcing their products in March of 2013, their security packages don’t have much feedback. Without much feedback, it’s difficult to see what works and what doesn’t. Don’t be another cable company’s guinea pig in the home security industry. A proven track record in home security is a very important factor to consider when evaluating home security solutions.

At Protect America, we’ve spend 23 years perfecting our home security systems and developing an award-winning reputation. That’s over two decades more experience than Cox has in the home security industry. Protect America is a pioneer of wireless security technology. When you choose a home security company, make sure it’s one you can trust – after all, you’re placing your most valued items in its care.

Protect America Products vs Cox

Cox Home Security offers intrusion and home safety monitoring, including fire, gas and flood, as well as remote system access and control. Cox Home Security is available to residential consumers in select markets, and pricing may require a 3-year service contract and subscription to Cox TV, Internet, or phone service. Cox offers two types of security plans: The Preferred Plan and the Essential Plan. The Essential plan is the lesser of the two and comes with no equipment other than the main alarm. It will cost you $29.99 a month with a $100 installation fee and additional equipment fees. The Preferred Plan is about $40 a month, which is double the price of one of Protect America’s most popular packages. 

Protect America provides free installation and equipment. It is also important to note that Protect America offers three different types of monitoring options to fit your needs and budget. We also offer 5 different packages for every type of house. Our home security systems are completely customizable because protection isn’t a homogenized need. Cox sells a two very generic packages and requires subscription to their service. They essentially want you to bundle your home security bill with their Internet and cable costs. While this may seem convenient, it will end up being more expensive….plus, remember Cox is a cable company.

Perhaps the most important concern is whether Cox Communication’s customer service issues will bleed through into this service too. Who wants the same terrible service you receive when your internet goes down to be the same as when your home goes up in flames or a burglar breaks in to steal your valuables? Surely there’s a better alternative.


At Protect America, we understand that home security can be a confusing topic. Call today to speak with a home security consultant and learn what’s the best solution for your needs. At Cox, a technician must install your system as well as each additional item, unlike Protect America’s simple, free, and guided DIY installation method. For home security that will protect you and your wallet, call Protect America today!