The best home security system for you depends on the needs of your home. CPI Security offers different types of security systems that suit different homes, and it provides options for customizing your home alarm system. With CPI Security, you get:

  • The option for a wired or wireless setup
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Remote access to your home security system

However, strict contracts, high cancellation fees and its lack of relocation services make CPI frustrating for some customers.


Pro: Go Wired or Wireless

CPI gives you the option to set up a wired system or go wireless. If you have existing landlines and want to pay less for your home security, a wired system may be the way to go. Not only are they less expensive, but also they need fewer updates and require little maintenance. However, wired security systems do tend to require invasive professional installation. The other drawback to these systems is that their wires can be cut by intruders. In this case the entire monitoring and alarm system becomes instantly compromised, leaving you vulnerable.

While it costs more, wireless security systems give you more comprehensive monitoring, are easy to install, and aren’t vulnerable to being dismantled by criminals. With a wireless, cellular-based system, you’re getting indoor or outdoor cameras and remote access to your home security system. With this setup, you can even arm and disarm your system from your mobile phone. You can easily install a wireless system on your own, as there’s no need to go inside the wall to set it up. All you need to do is affix the system to your wall using adhesive backing.

Pro: Extensive Security Coverage

When you get set up with a CPI home security system, you’re not just getting a couple of security cameras. Whether you choose a wired or wireless system, you’re getting set up with extensive home security coverage that won’t fail you in the event of an intrusion or other emergency. Each system’s basic package comes with a motion detector, fire communicator, door and window contacts and the option to have 2 cameras inside or 1 camera outside your home.

Pro: Monitor Your Home from Your Phone

CPI Security offers a home automation package with every wireless home security system that makes your house “smart.” Essentially, it lets you control the thermostat, locks, alarm system, lights and certain home appliances using any mobile device. This gives you the ability to control your home while you’re away. It can help reduce your energy bills when you’ve forgotten to turn of the lights, and you can arm or disarm your alarm system straight from your phone.

All you need to do is download CPI’s mobile app, which is free. You can also pay your monthly bill to CPI from within the app. It makes it easy to monitor your home from afar, as you can set alerts on the app to notify you when expected guests such as babysitters, dog sitters or housekeepers arrive.

Pro: 24/7 Monitoring

While the mobile app makes it possible to remotely monitor your own home, only monitored security systems have professionals keeping track of your home’s security at all times. Monitored security systems are able to immediately jump into action in the event of emergencies, which takes the weight off your shoulders when it comes to monitoring and responding to home security threats. One of the advantages of CPI Security is that you can feel safe knowing they’re fully monitoring your home and are equipped to take action in the event of an emergency. Anything could happen when you’re not watching—according to CPI’s blog, here’s a real-life example:

“The everyday act of charging the family laptop, resulted in a fire at the Allen residence. Their second-floor smoke detector alerted CPI Operator Tina, who responded and dispatched the local fire department. With the fire contained to the second floor of their home, the Allen family praises the quick response of CPI and the fire department to sparing the lives of their three dogs.”


Con: Only Covers a Small Portion of the U.S.

Unfortunately, CPI Security is only available to residents located in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina at this time.

Con: Wireless Systems Require a 5-Year Contract and Have High Cancellation Fees

If you go with a wireless system, CPI Security requires a 5-year contract. If you break that contract, it comes with a high cancellation fee.

Con: No Relocation Services

In spite of its 5-year contract, CPI Security doesn’t help you uninstall and reinstall your home security system if you move into a new home.

24/7 Professionally Monitored Home Security

Companies like Protect America provide comprehensive home security with 24/7 professional monitoring that safeguards your family in the event of a crisis. With Protect America, you get fully monitored security with locked-in rates as low as $30 a month. Protect America gives you as much as $1,400 worth of equipment, completely free of charge and installation fees. There’s no better deal than this—but if you find one, we’ll match it for you. If you’re Interested in monitored home security, you can get a free quote from Protect America.