Crime Prevention Security is a home security company that caters to the needs of homes and small businesses. They are a locally owned company based out of Florida. Crime Prevention Security has been in business for over 35 years and serves the area of Orlando, Gainesville, Ocala and the surrounding areas. This company offers a number of home security essentials such as monthly monitoring, which is priced a bit higher than the same offer from other home security companies that also serve this area – such as Protect America. Additionally, Crime Prevention Security charges high up-front fees for their equipment costs, has limited monitoring options, doesn’t have the best reviews online, and apparently makes it difficult for you to move outside of their service range. Let’s take a closer look.


Pricing and Packages

This company has many different security system packages depending on your unique situation. If you already have security equipment, Crime Prevention can take over the contract so that you can save on equipment costs. For monitoring with equipment that you already own, you will pay about $22 a month. Their Premium Package is the most popular system set-up and is a good option for homes that do not have any previously installed systems. The Premium system package is very basic and includes the bare essentials of home security. Most customers are likely to choose additional options for their system package, which will raise the cost of service. There are options for wired or wireless systems depending on preference. However, this is their cheapest package with equipment included.

Crime Prevention charges $39.95 a month for monitoring, plus an extra $199 for installation and start-up equipment. For the same panel, you can get Protect America’s Copper Package for as low as $19.99 a month. The only other difference, besides a lower price on monitoring is that we don’t charge for start-up equipment or installation. So instead of overpaying for home security, protect your home and your wallet with Protect America!

Do You Need To Move?

You’re home security system might not be able to come with you. This Crime Prevention Security customer was very unhappy with the attempt to move their system from one home to the other, as promised.

Have been trying to get monitoring relocated from old house to new house. This has been going on for OVER NINETY DAYS! They never return calls. They never call back when they say they will. They make promises and do not keep them. All I’ve heard is lies, lies, lies!

It seems as if Crime Prevention Security is only able to prevent crimes in their very small area of service. While they only serve a regional area of 1 state out of 50 in the US, they say that they are able to relocate your system anywhere. This customer did not experience that promise. However, at Protect America, we provide free relocation kits for you to be able to bring your home security system with you anywhere in our service area, which encompasses all 50 states and Canada.


Monitoring Options

A common misconception about home security is that going with a local alarm company is better. Many think that since there is a home security company locally, there is a local monitoring facility as well. In reality, when you sign up with a local home security company they install it, and it ends up being monitored by a national monitoring facility. That’s probably why Crime Prevention Security only serves a small area, but can allegedly monitor your system from any state.

Protect America uses three of the best monitoring facilities throughout the United States to make sure your home is always protected. We also offer three types of monitoring to safeguard your home, while Crime Prevention Security only offers cellular and broadband. Protection isn’t a homogenized need. Your home needs different safeguards than a small business, and national home security companies offer more specialized products and options than the local installer – not to mention lifetime equipment warranties. For homes in rural areas with poor internet and cellular service, you’ll want to choose a company with landline monitoring as an option…such as Protect America. Consider a home security company with lower prices, more options and better service. Choose Protect America today!