It officially is Crime Prevention Month and at Protect America our business is simply about protecting people and homes against crime. We’re always thinking of ways to help protect you whether it’s from burglary, fires/arson and other dangers you might face.

Crime Prevention Month Security Tips

Knowing what crimes you may be susceptible to is important. You should understand what crimes are more common in your area so that you can be prepared for them. We’ve created a crime stats tool you can utilize to see what crimes are affecting your area. Look up your area or city here: Protect America Crime Stats Tool.

Here are some general tips you can use to stay safe:

1. Lock all doors and windows.

Now as simple as this may seem, too many times does a burglar enter a home simply because a door or window was left unlocked. It’s easy to forget to lock your doors, but by remember to do so, you can decrease the likeliness of you getting broken into.

2. Create a neighborhood watch team.

Teaming up with your trusted neighbors can be a big step toward safety in your neighborhood. Passing out flyers around your neighborhood about your watch team can spread the word about your heightened security and eyes around your are. Burglars may not like it, but you can help keep your friends safe by doing this.

3. Get involved with the community.

Often getting involved to make your community a better place can really make a difference. Whether you’re volunteering at an after school program or helping out in a community renovation project, you can create a domino affect that generations even after you’re gone will see. Changing the lives of young people can help prevent crime. Giving them something positive to do can help your community.

4. Install a monitored home security system.

Having a home security system in your home can prove to be beneficial. Not only will burglars think twice about burglarizing your home, but it will also help give you that peace of mind you and your family deserve. Whether you’re at work, on vacation or at home, you can have the confidence of knowing your home is protected by simply having a security system. If your alarm is triggered, the monitoring station will contact you and contact the proper authorities if needed.

There’s plenty of things you can do to reduce crime ranging from the getting a security system to get involved with your community. Crime Prevention month is here so we can highlight the importance of staying safe, but it’s also good to know that you should prevent crime all year long.

For more information about Protect America and how to help keep you home safe, call 1-888-951-5136.