Click here to view crime rates by zip code. There is a lot of talk about the nation’s crime-rate nowadays. While it’s nice to look at average statistics for the entire country, the numbers can be misleading. Crime is not equally distributed from one place to the next, as we see in this analysis of crime rate by zip code. Some areas are hot spots of criminal activity while others won’t experience a robbery or murder for years at a time. To get the best possible idea of crime in your area, it’s important to take a look at local criminal activity statistics based on your zip code. This information can help you determine which crimes are most likely to occur in your neighborhood. Local crime statistics will not predict every danger in your area but such information is a great indicator of safety in your neighborhood.


Crime Rate Statistics by Zip Code

Crime statistics for your neighborhood and zip code are available from a number of sources. Protect America provides a free tool for researching crime in every zip code in the country. This tool gives users a general idea of where crime happens in their area and even grades each zip code based on deviations from the national crime rate. For example, Apache Junction, Arizona (zip code 86117) has an average crime grade of a “C” because the city’s overall crime rate is roughly on par with the national crime rate.

However, the city does have higher instances of auto theft and burglary while the murder rate is exceptionally low. These varying rates for specific crimes were averaged to give Apache Junction its specific crime grade. All this information is conveniently available through the Protect America  crime grade by zipcode tool. The crime grade tool also maps the location of sex offenders in your area. This helpful feature gives you a general idea of areas where parents and others should be especially watchful over children.


Crime Rates and Zip Codes Explained

Sifting through the massive amounts of data available about crime can be overwhelming. People are tempted to focus on frightening crime statistics, like forcible rape and murder. For the most part, people concerned about home security don’t need to worry about rape and murder statistics. These crimes are usually not random acts. Unfortunately, most murder and rape victims will know their attacker. AUTHOR’S NOTE: In the event of an attacker intending to rape or murder, most home security systems include a panic button that will dispatch police immediately.

Burglaries and property crime are usually random events with no connection between victims and perpetrators. It’s important to look at the total crime rate when determining the level of safety in a specific neighborhood but statistics relating to property crime are the most relevant to any homeowner seeking to improve their security. Areas with high levels of burglary, larceny, and vehicle theft will be of particular concern. If the instances of property crime are worse than the national average, it’s time to get serious about your home security.

The Solution

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