According to the Red Cross, during the holiday season, an average of 40 home fires per day are caused by children playing. And candle fires are four times as likely to occur.

Do these numbers seem high to you? During the holidays, there are many new and seasonal concerns for home safety.

Here’s how you can keep your property and family secure:


Stay Safe While Decorating Your Home

Decorating your house is one of the most fun parts of the season. Unfortunately, these holiday decorations can also create gaps in your home and personal safety. Some things to look out for include:

  • Decorations that block the view of security cameras.
  • Cheaply produced items that have been officially recalled, such as old tinsel that contains lead.
  • Faulty and damaged gear left over from previous years.
  • Ladders placed on shaky or slick surfaces.
  • Ice-covered roofs creating slipping hazards when you’re attaching lights to the eaves.
  • Larger holiday decorations with incomplete or confusing instructions, making it hard to determine how to safely assemble them.

Stay Toasty This Christmas (But Not From a House Fire)

Many people liven up their home in the winter with colored bulbs, candles, a roaring fireplace, and lots of baked goods. However, each one of these can create a fire hazard. Make sure your holidays stay jolly by following some basic fire safety tips:

  • Check your smoke detectors, replacing batteries as needed.
  • Make sure your fireplace is in good condition with a swept chimney or, if you have a gas fireplace, have it serviced.
  • Check over your light strings and discard any that have exposed or frayed wires.
  • Don’t stack lots of holiday light plugs into the same line; try to limit them to three at the most.
  • Keep flammable items like stockings or wrapping paper away from heat sources.
  • Put your holiday candles on non-flammable surfaces.
  • Monitor the holiday feast you’re cooking in the kitchen.
  • If you have a live Christmas tree, keep it watered. A dry tree is very flammable. If you are looking for the best tree for your home, check out this article


Keep Your Home Safe While You’re Away For the Holidays

If you and family are celebrating holidays away from home, here’s a few tips to secure your property:

  • Ask a neighbor to pick up your mail so it doesn’t pile up.
  • Don’t discuss holiday plans on social media until you’re back home.
  • Set lights on a timer to make it look like the house is occupied.
  • Invest in a quality home security system.

How Secure is Your Home?

Monitored home security means that someone is keeping a close eye on your place, even when you aren’t. At Protect America, we offer many home security products and services including complete smart home automation service. This includes video monitoring, smoke and fire protection, smart door locks, and smart lighting. If you’re interested in learning more about monitored home security, contact us today to get a free quote.