The days of fuzzy video surveillance footage is over thanks to advancements in high-definition cameras. Today’s homeowners get the same quality video feeds from their cameras that one would expect from commercial-grade devices. These cameras are ideal for busy professionals or frequent business travelers who want to stay connected to the happenings on the home front. The Defender Security Camera System is a popular setup that allows homeowners to keep an eye on their loved ones, pets, and property while on the go. This system is considered to be one of the more robust install-it-yourself security camera systems on the market.  Here are three surprising features about the system and a comparison of how Defender stacks up to Protect America’s home security system.


Good Value Outdoor Video Camera System

Defender’s system comes with these four items that are needed for a same-day video camera install:

  • DVR
  • Eight Bullet Cameras
  • Proprietary System Control App
  • Premade Cable Connectors

Its white bullet cameras are made of tough plastic resin that is rugged for extreme outdoor weather conditions. The cameras offer high visibility for both day and night viewing, and their wide-angle lenses extend video capture reach. This system must be connected to an external power source, which somewhat limits camera placement. The Defender Security Camera System will remain operational using up to 300 feet of extension cabling that can be purchased separately.

Mobile Viewing and Playback

The Defender system’s control app allows users to view live video feeds or recorded footage from their smartphones. System users give it high marks for clear, crisp, onsite playback. Some customers note that remote playback doesn’t work optimally.  This may be a glitch in Defender’s video camera system, or it may be an issue with the customer’s internet service. Through the app, the system pushes motion detection notifications to users. Mobile viewing is a key feature with this video camera system because it provides real-time visual insight into a home or office. However, one can’t hear what’s going on in the video feeds because the eight cameras don’t record audio.

Flexible, Eight-Channel Recording

The Defender Security Camera System comes with an eight-channel recording capability that allows users to program each camera uniquely. The system’s DVR has 1TB of storage, which equates to an estimated 262 hours of recording time. According to Mr. Babidi, an industry insider at 2M CCTV, a video camera system’s DVR is one of its most important components. Here’s what he had to say about typical DVRs.

“The DVR is where all of the camera images are captured and stored according to the settings and specifications set by the user. This device has a storage capacity that can be enhanced or the owner can remove the data and store on a separate device in order to make room for the new information.”

It’s unclear if Defender’s DVR comes with storage expansion options such as the ones described by Mr. Babidi. The manufacturer mentioned that the system’s video recording will loop and overwrite old footage if users set it to record 24-hours a day. This may not be ideal if the user wants to capture entire video footage of their property while on an extended trip. With all eight cameras recording continuously, the 262 hours of storage would be used up prior to two days.


Defender Versus Protect America

While the Defender system comes with high-performance cameras, one shouldn’t be misled into believing that it is a full-fledged security system. Real security camera systems are professionally monitored ones. The Protect America smart home security system makes the Defender Security Camera System look like a glorified, outdoor nanny cam by comparison. Protect America provides its customers with $1400 worth of cameras, motion sensors, and other security equipment for $19.99 a month upon a 36-month contract initiation. When security incidents happen, Protect America’s monitoring center dispatches appropriate help. Its security cameras clearly record both video and audio feeds that are stored in the cloud for complete playback. When you need a comprehensive, reliable home security system, give Protect America a call for more information.