Devcon Security is a security provider that offers residential and commercial services throughout the United States. They sell a variety of systems, including wireless home security. While they have a number of features you can add to your service, they charge more than many other home security companies. Devcon used to be it’s own entity. However, in recent years it was purchased by ADT and now operates within their business model. With high up-front costs and monthly rates, you should look elsewhere for you home security.

Pricing and Installation

Devcon has their most affordable price for monitoring listed at $39.99. However, ADT lists their lowest priced package, The Essentials Package at $36.99 per month on their website. Since Devcon is now owned by ADT, you might be looking at a price closer that. However, it will also cost you about $100 to get your system installed. That means you’ll also be asked to take at least 4 hours out of your day to wait for the technician to come install your system. Not everyone has the luxury to do so.

That’s why Protect America gives you the convenience to install your system with one of our reps over-the-phone. this means that there are zero installation fees, tool-free set-up in an hour or less, and no need to take time off work! We also provide home security monitoring for as low as $19.99 a month!


In addition to high installation and monitoring fees, ADT has a very complicated warranty structure that actually makes you pay $175 dollars out of pocket if you have not purchased their extended warranty! At Protect America, you’ll receive lifetime warranty for your home security system with a replacement plan.

Customer Reviews

Devcon security made a great impression with me on my initial conversation. Unfortunately, that is where the greatness ended.

According to this customer, any type of service call or additional equipment will cost you more than you might expect:

I needed to replace all of my window sensors with white ones. Devcon said labor would be $105 per hour, minimum of 1 hour, probably take 2 1/2 hours. The sensors would be $65 each, close to $1000 for the whole job. I found the sensors online for $3.50 each.

A quick search on the Internet with Yelp or any other review site will tell you that this company is focused on profit rather than the customer.


Due to the fact that Devcon is now owned by ADT, means ADT can control the way they do business. And since going public, ADT has done nothing but increase rates, fees, and drive up subscription costs on existing customers in attempt to keep their profit. They have a much higher expectation to protect profit due to the pressure instigated by their shareholders. They are doing so at the expense of customer loss. Rate increases are a huge factor in customer cancellations. There are, however, companies that lock-in rates, like Protect America, guaranteeing you the same initial rate for the lifetime of your agreement.

The Bottom Line

At Protect America, we promise you the lowest price possible. In fact, we will even put money on it! If you find another home security company that has a lower offer than we do, we will match that offer! For more information about Protect America, check out our website, Facebook or Twitter!