You may think a burglar is just a burglar – someone who breaks into people’s homes or businesses and steals goods or valuables that do not belong to them. However, there are a few different types of burglars that operate in various methods. There isn’t a science involved in categorizing them. Instead, we focused more so on how they go about burglarizing. The following post will discuss the types of burglars that exist in the world today.

The Opportunist

The opportunist is a type of burglar who does not plan ahead. This thief will look for quick and easy prospects. They might be strolling along and come across and empty home with a window open. An opportunist burglar sees this as a crime of opportunity. He or she was there in the right place at the right time to burglarize a home. They will take advantage of your trust or forgetfulness. These types of burglars are often unpredictable and will steal whatever goods they can find in a specific area of opportunity. They do not seek specialty items or really know what they’ll be getting prior to the act, which is why they often do not steal items of high value. It is spontaneous. When an opportunist burglar is caught, they might be charged with second degree burglary due to the fact that is probably was not premeditated.

The Scout

Scout burglars are just one step above an opportunist. They premeditate targets instead of wait for the opportunity to arise. They are not afraid to smash a window or kick down a door to gain access to a home or apartment. They will take whatever they can get their hands on that is easily concealable in pockets or a backpack. These thieves are messy and unorganized, often driven to steal due to a drug habit.

The Prowler

Prowlers are more organized than Scouts. Prowlers plan their burglaries thoroughly before committing one. They have connections to channel their stolen goods through and often study their victims thoroughly before attacking a home. They will memorize a family’s habits, like when they come and go.

The Professional

This type of burglar is probably the most seasoned and successful. These people are specialized. After years of burglarizing homes and businesses, they will decide to target specific high-value items. They know what they want, and they know how to respond to a burglary deterrent. They also know the response time of the police in a given situation. Professional burglars do extensive research on security systems and security techniques. They do not associate with opportunist thieves and prowlers. Instead, these professional burglars often operate as a group, and are able to make a career out of it. Sometimes they manage to have someone on “the inside” to scope out potential plots. Professional burglars will focus on businesses and warehouses instead of small homes and apartments. They operate in a highly professional manner.

Protecting Your Home

Hopefully assessing the different types of burglars will help you keep an eye out for things you can do to prevent a burglary. The absolute best way to prevent a burglary with any type of burglar is with the aid of a home security system. A monitored home security system will notify the police immediately upon assessing a security breach. Having a monitored system can save you precious time. If you were to leave a door unlocked while your system is armed, the alarm would sound as soon as a burglar, or anyone, enters the premises. Glass break sensors and motion detectors can truly ward off all kinds of burglars. Consider opting for a home security system Protect America takes pride in offering affordable home security that is both simple and customizable. Protect your home and your wallet with Protect America.