An inexpensive security camera can be a great asset to your home security system. It can give you peace of mind, create a visual record, and aid law enforcement officers if a crime is attempted. There have been many acts, both good and dirty deeds, caught by those caught on camera. From good samaritans practicing random acts of kindness to thieves jacking Amazon gifts, from mysterious scenes of unexplained activity to unauthorized home entry. With a camera in place, there are ways to archive images, investigate, and deconstruct all manner of mayhem and mischief.


Smile and Say Cheese!

Having a home security camera in place can help you stop damage, such as a broken pipe or the world’s cutest kitten creating havoc. Consider a wild teenage party held in your home while you’re out of town, or the old college buddy who cannot remember that it is shoes that should be left by the front door and not pants. If you were wondering if the level of your favorite single-malt Scotch was going down, there’s no need to mark the bottle when you point the camera at the liquor cabinet. (Besides, when you score the bottle, the intrepidly wicked merely water the booze.) Before you need to head to divorce court, you can use a home security camera to back up battles about who last took the garbage out;

who ate the last slice of pizza, as a man ‘noticed food he wasn’t eating kept going missing,’

Is your child, the musical genius, practicing as long as she claims she is? Wait! On that last one? You can hear that she’s improving. About the previous examples? It’s fair game to check the footage.

Dirty Deeds Done Cheap, Yet the Camera Prevented Damage that Could be Costly

And home security cameras aren’t just to appraise the interior of the house. Exterior cameras have caught hockey mask-wearing criminals, bleeding would-be poolside banditos, and a series of wild and creepy clowns. Not only do cameras work to find criminals in the act, but they also help to validate a perfectly true while unbelievably weird story. So when you tell your tale, and people question your vision, honesty, or sanity, with a working camera your word is golden.

Experience is Priceless, But Not Having a Security System in Place Can be Truly Costly

Putting in a home surveillance video system will give you peace of mind, help to guard property, possessions, and loved ones, and it’s like a second (or third or fourth) pair of eyes for those times when you can’t be home; recording gives you a chance to assay what actually happened. And many home insurance companies offer a discount on your insurance premiums if you have a home security system up and running.

Besides documenting the adorably naughty, possibly saving you money on homeowner’s insurance, your use of the camera also provides peace of mind because the camera is an excellent tool for aiding the vulnerable, such as children coming home from school or elderly or ill family members who made need assistance.


A Home Security Camera

  • Protects
  • Documents
  • Archives
  • Confers Peace of Mind
  • Can Help Save on Homeowner’s Insurance

A Home Security System is a Very Good Look

If you are interested in a simple, yet high-definition and live security camera, Protect America has a variety of cameras to meet your needs.

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