The best home security system means having the right kinds of cameras and other types of sensors. This can include discrete doorbell cameras, so information about the person ringing the doorbell can be quickly and easily discovered. With that in mind, there are some doorbell cameras that are much more discrete than others. These are always going to be cameras that a person can see — but how obvious they are or whether they’re more concealed can be very important.

In some cases it’s good to have a camera that everyone can see, so they know they’re being watched. In other cases, though, a homeowner may benefit from having a doorbell camera that’s not nearly as noticeable. This can provide the homeowner with peace of mind, while still making it unlikely that the person at the door will know they are being viewed or recorded.


Choosing a Doorbell Camera That Can be Easily Concealed

Doorbell cameras from Vivint, along with those from Ring and Skybell, can provide options for a smaller, less obvious camera lens. The problem with companies like Ring is that they clearly advertise a video doorbell. People may be more likely to assume that’s what they’re looking at, if the brand name is on the doorbell itself. It’s important for a homeowner to take those kinds of things into account, but ultimately they should get the type of doorbell camera they feel good about.

When a more easily concealed doorbell camera is chosen, it can provide a higher level of peace of mind for the homeowner.

It also takes up less space on the door frame, so it’s easier for smaller homes or for those that don’t have a lot of wall area next to the front door. Convenience matters along with concealment, so it’s worth addressing both issues. When homeowners don’t get the kinds of doorbell cameras they’re looking for, they may struggle to feel good about the true value of their security system. That’s an easy fix, in many cases.

There Are Options for Good Doorbell Cameras

The right security system is one that’s well integrated, and that has everything the homeowner needs. There are plenty of good doorbell camera choices, and with a proper security system and a good doorbell camera a homeowner feels better about their level of protection as a whole. In order to choose the right doorbell camera, homeowners should consider:

  • discrete options that can be easily concealed
  • whether two-way audio is important to them
  • if there is the option for local storage and recording
  • whether FTP is something they want to invest in
  • if they like the look of the doorbell camera
  • whether the reviews show the doorbell camera to be reliable

Naturally, sometimes it also comes down to personal preference, since not all doorbell cameras are the same and not everyone likes the same options or features.


Do Doorbell Cameras Come From Security Companies?

It’s possible to get doorbell cameras as part of a security system package, but they can also be bought separately. They don’t have to come from a traditional security company, and many are compatible with other types of security systems. That’s one of the reasons that homeowners have so many options today, because they can buy devices from multiple places and integrate all of them together so they can focus on having what they really want and need. Essentially, a homeowner can build their own system and have it monitored, so they aren’t locked into only the traditional packages that security companies provide.

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