Ever wondering how to make your own candles? In this post we will discuss how to make two different types of candles. Candles are great to give as gifts or have around the house. Always remember when dealing with candles to take the necessary safety measures to prevent a home fire. Be sure your smoke detector is working properly and that you remember to blow all candles out before going to sleep or leaving the house. Now let’s talk about what you need for this project!


There are two different types of candles we will discuss today. One requires a cooking method in order to melt the wax, and the other candle-making process is much easier and only requires assembly of the materials. We’ll start with the easier method.

Simple Rolled Candles:

For this type of candle you’ll need to go out and buy:

  • A sheet of honeycomb wax, which you can purchase at most crafting stores or online here. They come in sheets of 16 x 8 inches, which can make you quite a few candles.
  • A pack of wicks, also available at any crafting store.
  • Scissors

That’s it! Now for the more intermediate level of candle-making, you’ll need the following:

  • Wax: You can purchase paraffin wax from any craft store or use old candles to melt and recycle
  • Wax crayons if you want to color your candles
  • A mold to pour the wax into (dixie cups, Styrofoam cups, or mason jars work if you want your candle contained
  • A double boiler: Using a saucepan and a clean soup can for the wax to melt in works best)
  • A pack of wicks
  • Scissors


For the easy rolled candles, simply measure the height of the wax and cut out a rectangular shape. Once you have a clean rectangle of wax, place your wick on one end of the wax and carefully roll it up until you reach the end of your wax. The wick should be directly in the center of your candle. Place your freshly made candle in a dish or a tray and light it! These type of candles don’t make for much customization. However, they are quick and delightful to make!


For the intermediate homemade candle, you’ll first need to take your saucepan and fill it with a 3 or so inches of water. Put the heat on medium-high. While the water is warming, be sure your soup can is clean and ready to use. You should remove the paper wrapper on the can before using it for this project. Take your wax or old candles and begin shaving the wax into smaller pieces. Sometimes you can buy wax that is already chipped into small pieces. However in most instances it will come in one large block of clear/white wax. If you aren’t recycling old candles, then you can also shave a crayon of your color choice to melt into the wax.

Begin putting the wax (and crayon shavings if applicable) into the soup can. Then place the soup can into the hot water. You can turn the heat down to medium and keep an eye on it while the wax melts. You don’t want to fill it up too much with wax because it might tip over into the water. It is important that you keep the water and wax separate. Also boiling the wax without a double boiler might ruin your pan, start a fire or simple evaporate depending on the wax.


While you’re monitoring the melting wax, prep your container. Cut the length of wick or use a pre-cut wick and place it into a cup or whatever you want your candle to take shape. If your wicks come with a metal circle on the bottom, it should stand in place without needing to be held down. Otherwise you can tape the top of your wick around a pencil or a chop stick and stand it up to where it sits in the center of your container. Once this is ready and your wax is melted you can pour the hot wax into the container. Fill it to the top but do not submerge the wick. The wick should be completely out of the wax. You can then place your hot wax in the refrigerator to cool more quickly. However, it will also harden if you leave it out at room temperature.


Now you can light your candles and get more creative from there! We hope you have enjoyed Protect America’s weekly DIY post and remember, take caution when burning candles!